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Thread: Tips at conquering the whole middle-earth

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    Default Tips at conquering the whole middle-earth

    Hello there everyone! I have a question since I wasn't really able to find the answer myself. Can anyone please share some tips on conquering the whole map or at least most of it with one faction? I am still (unfortunaly) using version 2.2 since the new one proves to be too much for my laptop...however......I am choosing a faction between Isengard, Rhun, maybe Nordor or Khand, that is not tge main problem but assistance on the choice would be apriciated. So basically I just need any tips on how to do it while having not furstrating yet fun campaign (by furstration I mean being so mad to give up tge campaign). Any suggestions are most deeply welcome! Thank you all in advance!

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    I have done it with rhun, I took down dorwinion, than dale, than erebor and WR, after that i just trained armies and focused on killing anduin,goblins,imladris and everyone at that side while using the money i make to buy ettlements from mordor and khand, after i got mordor and khand down to 2 regions i assaulted those 2 and they went rebel, i repeated the process until i had everything

    but really that is not the best or the only way, just focus on beating the campaign and after that you are for sure the strongest
    my one advice would be dont fight mordor while they are huge if you are fighting on any other front, buy their lands or go full out on them and then focus others

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    Never done it on DaC, but was able to do it on MOS as the Orcs of Gundabad. It came down to Mordor and I facing off in an epic North vs South war. Killed Sauron with my Isengard allies (where Saruman was also killed, ending Isengard as a faction). Faction leader had the One Ring and everything, but he stayed in Carn Dum while my faction heir and the rest of my generals did the conquering. Last settlement I conquered was Barad-Dur, losing all my generals save my faction heir in a meat grinder of a final battle.

    With DaC I feel like the greater number of factions makes conquering the map easier.

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    Default Re: Tips at conquering the whole middle-earth

    What you need to focus on is hitting the point where your positive feedback loops get so major both economically and military that no one else can compete against you.
    For this purpose i'd recommend Rhun. This is due to the reason that they've got great troops. Med 2 is interesting as low tier spam is only viable for a short while, and the main reason that it is viable is due to the fact that it is cheaper. For the duration of this campaign however, you'll have infinite (or as good as) funds. I don't know if Rhun get any negative bonuses or if they've got an AOR - i'd actually recommend Northern Dunedain over them, tbh.

    Anyways, down to what you actually needed help with. I would advice you to form some sort of plan, and being quite serious about it. This would come down to a) dividing your enemies, b) becoming your regional superpower. Dividing your enemies is easy. You don't want a two front war, and you don't want to face off against alliance. It is true that alliances in diplomacy in Med 2 are both quite unimportant compared to other games such as EU4 - but just try to avoid strong alliances. As for b), what I refer to there is, if you are in Eriador, become by far the strongest faction in your region, not only with troops, but economically as well. Med 2 is all about economy and troops, there isn't much more to keep in mind, other then making sure your provinces don't rebel. If you are in Eriador, you should probaly be the strongest there by turn 65, and if you are at the Rhunnic sea, you should probaly be strongest there by about turn 50. Only then can you be prepared to invade other regions, such as Mordor or Gondor.
    I always do this, it may not help me that much in game terms, but it makes the goal clearer mentally and lowers the chances of - god forbid - you abandoning the campaign mid-game due to it being too easy (which it will be by about turn 100 if you're decent!).

    As for public order, just massacre the population everytime. Massacre, lower taxes, send priests, move on. Aggressivness in Med 2 is key by far. The AI just can't handle you going all WW2 Germany on them and taking their land. Watch youtubers such as LegendOfTotalWar, whilst he may cheese the game, he is damn good at it...

    In short, choose a good faction with strong elites and strong standing armies (ND, Rhun, Isengard, any of the elves, any of the dwarves, Gondor, etc). You'd rather want your roster to be on the expensive yet strong side then on the cheap but weak side, as money will be no issue after a while.
    Make sure to not attack any OP alliances - watch out for the Dwarves of the Blue mountain and Lindon elves, for example - and try to divide your enemies, dissolve alliances, spread disease via spies, etc.
    Think of the game as major regions, I usually think of it as Eriador, Misty Mountains, Lorien and Fangorn, central Middle-Earth (Rohan + Isengard + Dunland + Enedwaith), Gondor, Mordor, Harad, Rhun and Dale, all with their own factions and strengths. Try to gain dominance in your own region as quickly as possible and then use that power to invade other regions.
    And finally, and perhaps most importantly, do everything that you usually do 10x quicker! Seriously, you don't want to get stuck in a 85 turn long war at turn 300 with stacks after stacks against stacks after stacks. That is just a headache for all parties involved. Best of luck.

    (and excuse the wall of text)

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    One important point if you are playing as a good faction - you have to get ahold of the Ring before around turn 200. Otherwise, the AI gives it to Sauron by default, and then all the good factions will blame you, and your relations with all good factions drops to "Abysmal"... even after multiple turns of bribing them with some cash. I don't think they will break alliances, but it torpedoes your chances to make any new deals. I'm not sure how the mechanic works for an evil faction, but I would imagine it might be similar.

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    Yeah Good Factions definitely have it easier given they can annihilate Mordor without having to go through the meat grinder. Definitely destroy the ring if you intend to conquer the map as a good faction; it will save you a lot of time.

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