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Thread: Few questions about roman gameplay

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    Default Few questions about roman gameplay

    1. Why i can't build municipum et civitas after requirements were met. 2. Don't understand requirements for censor election in guide. 3. How do i obtain reformator trait with character and when? I already met conditions for marian reforms and am at 186BC.

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    Default Re: Few questions about roman gameplay

    I think the earliest possible data for the Marian reforms is 147 BC...

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    1) You can build them (as well as provincial colonies) after the Marian Reforms.
    2) A Censor is elected every 5 years (20 turns); Eligible for Censor trait doesn't follow that, so your eligible character needs to enter election in the right year.
    3) Sharp/Charismatic/Vigorous and Optimistic and Popularis Consul OR Proconsul (that bit isn't in the guide) with min. 3 Influence and 3 Command in or after 147 BC as Lusitanio has already said.
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    I know. I am just curious, if i can get prepared and have character in safety for that date.

    I just hope it isn't mess like Koinon Helenon, where reconsideration about where to build reform administration caused to just wait for auto date.
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    The randomness part is somewhat messy I suppose. I was lucky to have a pool of characters conforming to the Sharp/Charismatic/Vigorous and Optimistic requirements, yet it was down to 2 when it came to Popularis. And on top of that you'll need to groom them for 3 Influence and 3 Command. My "chosen one" failed at the latter (suddenly getting Uncomfortable Supervisor with Command penalty) and I had to employ the alternative. A fictionalized story of it is in the AAR subforum (the "Lex Valeria" post).
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