How is everyone doing?

Used to be an avid EB1 player a few years back, was feeling nostalgic and decided to try out EB2, though I do miss some features from EB1, EB2 seems like an awesome mod and I would like to congratulate and thank the new EB team for all the hard work and dedication they put into realizing this mod especially after a lot of the old key members from my time like Foot moved on in life.

I started a makedonian campaign and getting a feel about the mod, some features are taking some time to get used to, like the government system, recruitment, the low public order in a lot of my cities and the weirdly passive AI (was a bit of a shock when besieging a city and while the enemy had several half stacks nearby never once attempted to relieve the siege, EB1 players will understand).

My question is, I am trying to recruit a new diplomat, however every single one of them and I tried even recruiting several from different cities at the same time have the Tactless and No natural talent traits, anyone experience anything like that and is there a work around?