Hello everyone!

This is my latest project (it has been quite a while since I started a new modding project, returning with a large one seems just right ), a scenario overhaul of the Wrath of Sparta campaign. The start date is pushed forward to 294 B.C., when Demetrios Poliorketes ascended to the throne of Macedon. The mod starts right after Demetrios' abandonded campaign in Sparta and the attacks of Lysimachos and the Ptolemies in A.Minor, snatching Demetrios' holdings there.

This mod is very early into development, so far a map has been drafted (it is still subject to change), but you can still take a look on how the campaign map will look like

Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

Disclaimer: 3 isles, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Ikaria are unoccupied as of now, as I haven't found any good hints regarding their ownership in that period.


Demetrios, Lysimachos, Pyrrhos and the Ptolemies are definitely going to be made playable during development, with more factions planned to be unlocked. Some early candidates are Sparta, Athens and the Aitolians. For now expect 6-8 playable factions.


The unit rosters of the factions are going to be drafted next, in order to ensure a decent variety of units between the factions. Since the campaign is only sporting Greek factions one could expect dull and repetitive rosters, rest assured though, as Dacians, Thracians, Egyptians, Karians, Illyrians and Pannonians among others are set to distinguish the big players between them. The city states and smaller leagues will also have their own identities, from the pirate state of the Aitolian League to the infamous Hoplites of Sparta. Also expect a variety of different mercenary units spread across the map.

Once a first iteration of the unit rosters has been made, work on the campaign map will begin. The factions are going to be placed on the campaign map and receive their armies, agents etc. Work on diplomacy will follow afterwards. Once the work on the map is complete and all factions are fully functional, mercenaries are placed etc, playtesting will begin.


The best thing you can do now as the mod starts taking shape is to give me suggestions/feedback. If you want to suggest changes to the map or a certain unit, a source would be greatly appreciated, as historical accuracy is a priority for me (as it was with my previous project of this kind). I currently do not plan at expanding the team, if I need to recruit someone, a specific announcement will be made.