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    I hadnīt played Romans since forever but decided to try it out recently and realized that everytime I click on a unit, which is very frequently, you get the usual verbal acknowledgement which for this factions is "Tribuni". Tribuni, Tribuni, Tribuni and always Tribuni. After a while it just started to get on my nerves in a serious way.

    Perhaps its the fact that it is shouted and not spoken or simply the way its so repetitious.

    Its strange because playing Getai or Boioi I never had this adverse reaction to the voices

    anyway, I would like to know if there is a way to turn the voice off as a short term solution?

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    Oh boy, you are not alone. I got very quickly so annoyed that the only option was to find a way to mute that or quit playing. I found that in the campaign map one can turn the speech sounds volume to minimum. Although it is not clearly indicated, it only affects the campaign map, and one can still enjoy battle voices. If your headphones or loudspeakers are set fairly loud, you may still hear a faint voice, but for me that was a lifesaver.

    Repetitive selection sounds should be avoided in all games, and I wish that the useless campaign map voice file would be removed. I remember Baldur's Gate back in the day having this experience-breaking sound of a scroll opening whenever you hovered over an object. That could be fixed by replacing the sound file with one that has no sound in it. In other words, there was no way to stop the sound file from being played, but one could make it an inaudible one. Too bad that is not possible in EBII.

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    thanks, my sanity is safeguarded.... for now

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