1. The Balearic slingers seem to have a small shield (2 defense) in their stats, but they don't appear to be carrying one. Are they supposed to have shields, or was that removed and the stats accidentally weren't changed?

2. The Talmes (slingers) are a reform unit for some of the Celtic factions like the Aruerni and Aedui, and they show up with the riders reform. It's not that long after the start, but it's still weird they are a reform unit at all. Why is this? The Pritanoi start out with the Magusos, and I would think that the sling was an important weapon for hill forts before the time period of EB 2.

3. I'm not sure, but do the animations for slingers (I was looking at the Balearic slingers when I noticed this) look like they are spinning the wrong way? They are spinning a little too quickly to tell, which is perhaps another issue since I don't think slingers spin it around that fast. If it is the wrong way, it's not really as noticeable or as important as the first two.