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    I assume that at some point the manner in which you can get the Augustan reforms is not going to peaceful, right?.

    Historically speaking, there were multiple civil wars between generals in the Republic to take control of the Roman world (e.g. Octavian vs Mark Anthony).

    It would be kind of boring and underwhelming if there wasn't a final challenge since by the time I get those reforms, I would have already half of the world in my control.

    It wouldn't be worth it to get there if nothing big really happens and I only gain some traits,goverments and a unit to play around since i'm already invincible.
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    Personally, during the works for 2.4 version, I will start working on a Carthaginian Mercenary War. After that, Roman Civil Wars will follow, probably a Socii War followed by a later Civil War. Let's see. Of course, my plans aren't the plans of the team. Who knows what they have in mind.

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