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Thread: On Islam's strength's and weaknesses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LestaT View Post
    Islam strength = is not a religion, but a way of life. Islam is not just about prayers and rituals but how one conduct one's life better, both for this world amd the next. Islam is like the string of a high flying kite, keeping the kite to the ground no matter how people (kite) fly high and far.

    Islam weakness = often misunderstood due to actions by some (who calls or were called by others) muslims are considered as what Islam is and what's not.
    Being a way of life can be good or bad thing. It can positively influence and shape people and society, but if the way of life it promotes is based on a medieval say of life that is increasingly obsolete in modern times,nthen it can be a negative thing. It is those out of date views held by many Muslims that are what most people object to.

    The main problem with Islam today is that for many Muslims, the way of life it promotes is based on one from medieval times, and however enlighten and forward thinking its views were in the 7th century, they are very out-of-date in the 21st century. But religions can change and adapt, and many Muslims.havs rejected.the outdated views of women and non Muslims Islam s, such as their legal testimony fundamentally being inferior to Muslims.

    The Muslims.emphasis on a way of life has a both strengths and weaknesses. It makes it easier for a believer to follow, they don't have to struggle with the dilemma of having to figure out for themselves how to apply answer of moral principles to their particular situation, but it also means blindly following a.way of life no longer suited to your place and time. And tends to stifle questions about the way of life it promotes.

    Even in this day, most Muslim countries in the Midwest do not treat non Muslims as full equals. Only 2 Muslim countries in the Mideast allow non Muslims to marry Muslim women, Turkey and Tunsia, yet most moderate Muslims are ok with that, and in fact genuinely believe Muslims

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    Default Re: On Islam's strength's and weaknesses.

    Islam real strength? The rebellion against modern world, rebellion against materialism, rebellion against relativism, rebellion against the cultural cemetery in which the West has turned itself and claims to impose on the whole world, rebellion against socialist equality, gender equality, ethical and moral equality, rebellion against western idiocracy & globalization, rebellion against science's idolatry, rebellion against machines in place of men and women, rebellion against a heartless world, without a center, without values and without morality and principles, all in all, rebellion against the horror our bankers, usurers and merchants are trying to impose all over the world! This is their strength, because this is our weakness.

    Islam's weakness? Too few engineering degrees.
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    Default Re: On Islam's strength's and weaknesses.

    Personally, I would say that Islam draw strength from or by...

    Ignorance - Islam seem to thrive in any place where ignorance (of Islam) dominates - even amongst the supposed Muslims themselves. It allows the movement to operate more freely, unopposed and unquestioned - while knowledge, insight and scrutiny of the same does not. The "authority-scholars" - the virtual priest-class - seem to reinforce and nurture this general ignorance - as without it, they will be clearly redundant, essentially powerless and Islam itself will be more exposed and threatened. As I understand it, these authority-scholars can essentially claim anything they want back and forth - as long as it presents Islam favourably (somehow). For instance, the late Ayatollah Khomeini produced lots of bizarre statements of this sort (see his "The green little book").

    Deception - even the God itself engages in various deceptions of mankind. A good example is the crucifixion of Jesus (Islamic tradition), for instance. The Islamic God is generally presented as cunning (see the Koran). If God can readily deceive (despite being all-powerful), so can clearly his/its agents and servants. Youtube have plenty of clips on this, check it out.

    Suppression/oppression - of females, obviously... And also, the fact that Islam have repeatedly and systematically suppressed any kind of deviation, alternative or opposition once it has secured a position of supremacy. World history is rather clear on this. God is to remain unchallenged, unquestioned and obeyed - by the sword, if need be.

    Fear - the frequent promise of death and hellfire in the Koran to anyone who don't play ball essentially (see the Koran, all over the place). God is clearly supposed to be feared, enough to force us into submission (as if the message of this God was not good enough to stand on its own...). But, why does an all-powerful eternal God need to be feared and obeyed in the first place? This by insignificant mortal servants like humans? And does not that very circumstance leave a extremely dubious aftertaste? After all, such an entity could just by a snap of its fingers "uncreate" mankind and the problem of constantly keeping tabs of us is solved. But nah, lets go for the paltry junk we got instead...

    As for weaknesses in Islam - there are probably too many to list... However some general examples would be...

    Inconsistency - see the Koran (all over the place).

    Intrusiveness - see your average public manifestation, demonstration, practices and actions of Islamic activists. Everyone must (or is expected to) play ball with Islam - regardless if they like it or not. Its annoying, arrogant and intrusive. Whether it is in India, France, Sweden, Lebanon, Egypt or Ethiopia, makes little difference.

    Dishonesty - the Islamic traditions and claims about the Koran are clearly false. The Koran is neither "one and eternal" or contains/displays the "verbatim words of God" - there are ironclad evidence for that (there are multiple Korans, for instance). Yet we are expected to still pretend it is true anyways. That is neither honest, rational or truthful...

    Bigotry/intolerance - while this is in no way a unique trait for Islam, it is an obvious one these days. Islamic supremacy will always rely on bigotry sooner or later, much like any other authoritarian movement in history. Mohammed have both (repeatedly) killed and oppressed lots people that did not agree with him, so that is the example he set (this according to the traditional Islamic sources, mind you) - and that has obviously been taken to heart by many of his willing followers.

    - A

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    Default Re: On Islam's strength's and weaknesses.

    The biggest fault in Islam is that it offers no surety of passage into its paradise. It appeals to the baser instincts with which man has been endowed with without the surety that any will ever see what is said. That man is a sinner whose sin must be erazed before entry to God's Kingdom is not guaranteed unlike the surety that the One it rejects offers. Jesus Christ offers eternal life whilst Mohammed offers only maybe's.

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