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Thread: Help with M2TW Texture file modding

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    Default Help with M2TW Texture file modding

    Hello, I need some help...

    I play the SS6.4 Mod and I am trying to add Princess for the Islamic factions Egypt, Turks, and Moors. I took the pre-made Islamic Princess .tga files from the "Europe on Fire" M2TW mod named "princess_egypts" "princess_moorst" & "princess_turkst" (yes I am tracking the extra S and T) and put them in my Textures folder in both my Vanilla and Mod folder.

    I updated the "descr_model_strat" and put the [texture egypt, models_strat/textures/princess_epypts.tga] in the "Northern_Princess" section just how the Europe on Fire mod had it.

    I updated the "descr_character" for each Egypt/Moors/Turks to say "northern_princess"

    I updated the "descr_sm_factions" to say "yes" for princess for Egypt/Moors/Turks.

    *So... I am still getting the [data.invalid] [error] Insufficient video memory to load requested texture set. Can someone please help me and tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you very much for anyone's help!*

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    Default Re: Help with M2TW Texture file modding

    I also loaded a folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War\data\ui\middle_eastern\portraits\portraits\young\princesses
    This is premade Islamic Princess pictures I took from the Zeph's Eastern Princess mod and the Europe on Fire mod.

    I did not load this in the SS6.4 folder, only the vanilla

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