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Thread: Weird morale bug

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    Default Weird morale bug

    Recently I noticed that whenever I'm playing on a mod or on vanilla, every single unit whether it be an elite or a very crappy unit will never break, usually resulting in battles where all sides just fight to the death with their morale never going below steady. I'm presume this may have to do with some problem in the main Medieval 2 dictionary.

    Never mind there was a wrong value somewhere in medieval2.preference.cfg, so it was very easy by just deleting it and running the game, allowing the file to regenerated.
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    Default Re: Weird morale bug

    Arcade mode set by a mod you installed? Happens when you have this setting:

    fatigue = 0 ; no tiredness
    morale = 0 ; no fear

    default for both is 1 - deleting the CFG file was a smart move to reset these values.
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