Divide et Impera 1.2.5 Released!

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(New Parts 1 & 2!!)

After months of work and lots of great feedback from the community, we are proud to present the latest major update for Divide et Impera! This release includes multiple major overhauls for various factions, visual updates for hundreds of older units to bring them up to speed with newer assets, a new playable faction, new campaign features and an entirely new scenario submod - Alexander!

This update is save compatible. Both parts of the standalone have been updated!
The Steam version will be updated as well.

Patch Notes (Preview Video)

New Scenario Submod Campaign - Alexander! (Download Thread)
- Head over to the Submod section to find the download thread for an entirely new scenario submod featuring the conquests of Alexander the Great.

Cimbri Overhaul & Playable Faction (Preview)
- New playable faction - the Cimbri! Now playable in campaign and custom battle.
- Completely new roster overhaul included.

Ardiaei Overhaul (Preview)
- Entirely new roster for the Ardiaei.
- Older Illyrian units have been kept for AI rosters to add variety.
- Some older units moved to faction only AOR units for Illyrians.
- Added major military port to Ardiaei minor starting settlement.

Medewi Overhaul (Preview)
- Multiple new units added.
- Visual overhaul for other units.

Sparta & Pergamon Visual Overhaul (Preview)
- All new visual overhaul for many units in these rosters, especially elites.
- Hellenic generals updated with new appearances.
- New and older resources used to improve various visuals.

Miscellaneous Unit Changes
- Over 200 units redone in various rosters to bring them up to date with newer assets and textures.
- Rosters redone include Italian, Arabian, Belgian, British, Celtic, Nabatean, Nomadic, Veneti and various AOR units.
- New Thureos unit for Egypt - Linen Cataphract.
- New unit cards added for Armenia

New Faction Traits
- Various new faction traits for custom DeI factions have been added. Old traits have been overhauled to remove copied and underused traits with more unique and historically accurate ones.
- Factions changed include Edetani, Scordisci, Kartli, Masaesyli, Medewi, Caledones, Iweriu, Atropatkan and Syracuse.

New Resource
- Added amber to northern Germanic regions. It is produced by the region effect like spices and is fully tradeable.
- New amber trade route effects added to various regions going south.
- It should now be possible to complete the "own every resource" economic victory condition.

New Special Capital
- Dacian special capital has been added, Zarmizegetusa (new campaign only)
- Special bonus to diplomacy with Dacian factions when city is owned.

Population System Changes
- Slight increase to 1st class bonus when below minimum amount.
- Small reduction to overcrowding impact on 1st class.
- Reduced overall immigration movement by all classes.

- Bread & Games: Decreased food cost, increased public order bonus.
- Migration: Added building time reduction.
- Foreign Customs: Increased public order bonus.
- Romanization: Small increase to cultural conversion, added building time reduction.
- Sell Food: Increased income from ports, agriculture and livestock buildings. Small increase to food used.
- Buy Food: Increased food and growth from trade buildings and ports.
- Call to Arms: Increased recruitment cost reduction and replenishment. Added 1 recruitment slot bonus and small public order negative.

- Decreased upkeep negatives on military training technologies.
- Increased levy upkeep bonuses on final military training technologies.
- Increased ship technology bonuses in the military training tree.
- Build time reduction added to some later siege engineering technologies.

Battle Changes/Fixes
- Fixed a multitude of incorrect cavalry weapon entries.
- Fixed incorrect mass assigned to many cavalry units - this caused some units to underperform compared to their overall charge bonus and heavy appearance.
- Changed appearance of few horses of Maurya and changed their speed
- Fixed incorrect charge defence attribute of Appulian Infantry
- Sacred Band cavalry slightly nerfed
- Slithgly buffed AP damage of spears
- Small buff to Spartan unit HP
- Tweaks to hoplite phalanx, overall Hoplite units are more usefull in early game but are outclassed by late game infantry like Thorakitai
- Lowered intervals between melee attack from 4 to 3 seconds
- Charge bonus buffed a bit
- Wardogs buffed in assault roles and against light units
- Buffed elite Gallic and Germanic cav
- Buffed elite Germanic swordsmen
- Small buff to Hellenic sword unit damage

Balancing Changes/Fixes
- Added various DLC factions to major faction autoresolve bonus background script.
- Added small naval garrisons for other cultures to special ports.
- Increased and matched income for minor and major Barbarian goldsmith buildings. Slightly lowered for agricultural industry buildings tier 4.
- Renamed regions to match city names since regional distinctions are no longer used in the game's UI.
- Added tier 3 medicus/academy buildings in minor towns to intelligence trait improvement triggers.
- Lowered Mercenary elephant respawn rates (new campaign only)
- Added new army spawn scripts in Macedonian Wars campaign for AI Macedon and Rome.
- Added new specialized effects for tier 3 and 4 Foreign Quarter buildings based on culture type.
- Added new banner for pirate faction (thanks to Jake for the banner!)
- Changed confederation names for various barbarians factions.

Other Fixes
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
- Changed text for experience recruitment level (generals) to make it clear its only for newly recruited ones.
- Added new conditions to ancillary triggers to help prevent garrison commanders from triggering the scripts (vanilla bug). Thanks to Jake for the idea.
- Changed faction number for a RoR civil war faction because it matched one from our emergent factions.
- Changed population class for Mauryan longbowmen.
- Reduced upkeep bonus for AI HatG factions.
- Fixed Bow of Artemis ancillary having 2 food effects.
- Added attribute effects for generals above level 20 in case effects increase them that high. Thanks to Jake for the idea.
- Edited some attribute effects at higher levels.
- Removed wedge formation from Mauryan infantry unit.
- Fixed Scipio Praetorian unit missing Stamina ability.
- Slighly improved siege engineer and master of artillery ancillary effects.
- Fixed Eastern military academy tier 3 not properly giving experience.
- Fixed spy False Supplier trait effect text
- Added missing population effects to iron trade settlement buildings for Greek and Roman factions.
- Fixed Mercenary berserker units having ranged weapon entries.
- Fixed missing trait effects for some special Roman traits in the RoR campaign.
- Fixed Germanic Night Hunters missing from tier 4 slave building recruitment.
- Fixed some buildings having incorrect effect values when damaged.
- Fixed Sabaean Nobles having wrong voice entry.
- Fixed Edetani Nobles having wrong population size.
- Lowered armor for Libyan Mercenary unit.
- Removed two units from the Iweriu roster that were there in error.
- Moved various Lusitani units to different building tiers, fixed some missing entries.
- Changed Lusitani Shock infantry unit to tier 1 population.

- Agrez and KAM for the Sparta and Pergamon overhauls.
- Ritter-Floh for all the amazing overhauls and unit updates.
- Benjin for various visual assets.
- assurbanippal for creating the new maces and various shields
- Dontfearme22 and the AoB Team for a lot of models/textures. Please check the Age of Bronze mod, it's an amazing project and the units are very well done!
- The Meroitic Language and Writing System by Claude Rilly and Alex de Voogt for some new unit names (all unit names were held in proto-nubian)
- The Wise Coffin for creating the native language unit names
- LinusLinothorax for his research and help
- Thanks to sourav for new Armenian unit cards
- The AE team for inspiration and ideas
- Jake_Armitage for banners and various ideas
- DMW for the faction trait ideas, screenshots and help
- Huge thanks to Seleukos, Matelagnier and all the Discord testers who helped with Alexander in many different ways.
- Thanks to everyone who gave good feedback on edicts including kpagcha and PietrolEremita.
- Alexander main image and loading screens from the screenshot thread - thanks to KAM, thesmoosh, Icarus Smicarus, DMW and others.