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    Hi how AI looks like in vanilla mod it good challenge with campaign and battles, i saw 2 sub mods Brans and Core V5 is worth to use them ?? I played a lot in Darthmod with brans options and is changing but is probably not big difference between brans options from Darthmod and this mod i am actually looking for something new I played Darthmod campaign like 10 times
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    In my experiance, Brans CAI makes France very agressive (which is nice), but they seem to focus on attacking the UK with naval invasions rather than going ater Austria and Prussia.

    The BAI is not as good in my view, the enemy ai virtually always just bayonet charges me rahter than trying to form line and actually shoot me.

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    Worked on that today it has to do with projectiles tables ranges and battle difficulties-it seems that if you play a anything above hard campaign and very hard battle difficulties the ai gets stacked bonuses so play battles on Normal. As for France I have seen the exact opposite behavior-They usually leave the English alone. If they attack Britain in your game then all power too them!
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    I done 60 turns as Britain on 1805, used bran sub mod version from post 1, I not play many battles I started from making big navy and i totally wipe off French and Spain navy, france cant really invade me but they look quite well napoleon went for a war like he should hes about liberation of poland, played few battles on normal and one hard and campaign on hard the problem you talking about is not appear in my campaign yet.

    Many thanks to Bran for new version of sub mod for me is that would be save game compatible ??

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