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    hello. i have a simple question. after a blitz capture of all of the main saka territory i got an option to become horde. so as a horde, may i just yield some income through devastate region and more importantly- may i just pillage a settlement after conquering it( like an AI sometimes do that) and continue on, or do i need to capture it? thanks. btw i love that gameplay. ton of rather cheap horse archers(still not affordable at start)who makes every battle pretty easy and do all the job. massive loses, distraction, ambushing strong cav into my cav., in a siege battles with 1 troop and 1 ram they snipe light units and are capable of doing above 50% loses to enemy while just using a circle right before a wall and towers. lot of ammunition. don't remember pahlav and sauromatae horse archers but i am pretty sure, that this unit, stacked to at least into 6 units per army, is one of the most cost efficient unit in a game.
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    Hello Maroslav,

    I played a long campaign as the Saka some months ago. However, I did not horde like you plan to do. But I can tell you that yes you should be able to raid if you are a horde. The rule is that you have to own less than 10 settlements. I do not know however if you can refuse to keep a settlement after you conquered it, thus remaining a horde.
    One thing however, when I read the Player's Guide I found out that for you to complete the reforms you'll have to settle the tribe first, which means owning some settlements north of the Oxus river and converting a camp or two. So keep that in mind if you plan to achieve the reforms after hording for a while.

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    I have already conquered Chach, Shahr and converted haomavarga. So i should be 1 point less before settle down. I don't want attack Pahlava right now and i don't know which one Khiva is( probably one of the Seleucid just renamed settlement.)

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