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Thread: The Great War VI - The Austro-Hungarian Empire

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    Default The Great War VI - The Austro-Hungarian Empire

    New Unit Cards

    New Info Cards

    New Portraits

    Beta Testing Round 2

    Beta testing has started again and we need another group of testers to participate. This round will be a bit more focused, specifically on tech progression and overall balancing. Here are the requirements again, please message me on here or over at TWC if you are interested.

    1. Must have experience with the current version of the mod. The main feedback we are looking for is how the new update compares to the current version. Must have played at least 1 full campaign, preferably more.
    2. Must be able to write in detail about your testing. A single sentence like, "its dope" isnt helpful.
    3. Must have time to do testing. We want to complete this phase as fast as possible so if you dont have any time to do testing it wont really help us.

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    Default Re: The Great War VI - The Austro-Hungarian Empire

    These units look great, I like the way that the descriptions provide clear explanations for the differences in statistic and the way that you're representing the evolution from conventional to trench warfare.

    It looks like the quality of the generals was very mixed (as, I imagine, it was historically for nations generally). I imagine this might present the Austro-Hungarian player with an interesting dilemma, choosing between using fewer armies (to use their good generals as much as possible) or more armies (even though this means that some will be poorly led).

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    Default Re: The Great War VI - The Austro-Hungarian Empire

    Hello and many thanks for your long time work, B-DizL and team. :-)

    I'm very interested in version VI and the Austro-Hungarian gameplay, hopefully it will be released in some time.

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    Default Re: The Great War VI - The Austro-Hungarian Empire

    very nice!

    "It's not always possible to do what we want to do, but it's important to believe in something before you actually do it"

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    Default Re: The Great War VI - The Austro-Hungarian Empire

    Hey welcome back guys. It have been so long since last year... June? I'm happy to see that we have some progression.
    If I can I am interested in becoming a Beta tester.

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