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Thread: ROTK 4.0 Heishan units

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    Two of my favorite units black mountain bandits and warriors are replaced by brigands and raiders. I dont know if that was on purpose but I really want to know how to copy and paste these two from ROTK 3.0 to 4.0 in script. I only know where to find these two in export_descr_unit and export_descr_unit but cant find their matched model in unit_models. And I dont know if I miss anything else.

    Another thing, I noticed there are three units of the recruitment pool under Heishan tavern building in export_descr_building (black mountain brigant, raiders and "Heishanzei"). In game, there are only two units existed in the tavern building recruitment. I think it would be nice to add "Heishanzei" and "Heishanjun" units because their outfits and massive swords are badass.

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    The old Heishanzei and Heishanjun are now the captain and general models - so the files for them still remain, but they have been renamed in model.db. The new Heishanzei are the faction’s unique unit: Black Mountain Cutthroats. They do not show in the building browser because, like all unique units, they cannot he recruited, only retrained. The Cutthroat’s text should say that they can be retrained in Tavern buildings.
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