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    Default [mod] The Witcher 3 - Lore Friendly Tweaks


    Lore Friendly Tweaks

    for The Witcher 3, v1.31/1.32

    ... of a few things

    Kaer Morhen Gear Style / Witcher Light Gear Promotion

    Start Skill Bonusses

    Dual Sword Design

    Abilities Entirely Re-Balanced

    Individual Loot, Items, Shops & Economy Design

    New Crafting, Alchemy & Herbs Gameplay

    Valuable Storyline Rewards

    Enriched Items World And Far Over 100 New Icons

    Hint: I'm using this post here as backup. However, feel free to comment ontopic, if you are Nexus member or not.

    Complete LFT page, with changelog, download section and more: LFT at Nexus


    I N T R O D U C T I O N

    LFT offers features for the ones who like to play a lore-friendly Geralt as well as appreciate challenge and lore-realism in the witcher game's universe.

    It suggests that Geralt does not begin his adventure with vanilla's common quality gear as well as that he is not a beginner.
    Likewise an initial focus of the mod is to realise a harder life in wartimes of the Wild Hunt phase of the game.

    The goal of publishing the mod is sharing our game vision to players who know the game and the books, in result looking for a bridge
    between these two worlds. Lore aspect but is long not everything, the gameplay is deeply overworked towards a new and unique level.

    LFT's in-depth gameplay overhaul effectively is the real deal for "true witchers" and everybody who is seeking for a best immersion.

    Three things worth of note:

    1st, Geralt starts with a better knowledge of the witcher arts and the properties of his starting equipment reflect their advantages, what renders them closer to a plot of the books.

    2nd, implemented/customised files from FCR3 for a patched vanilla combat gameplay and Primal Needs for an engaged RPG build the background with fixing character, besides some other integrated mods.

    3rd, a plethora of tweaks, based on better plausability and lore realism as well as countless new features, delivering a unique and very challenging but rewarding gameplay.

    listr's personal story (who joined me with v3.6)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    "About three years ago, when I first started playing TW3 and in the chest of a poor peasant I found a pile of gold and gems (which he didn't even have to buy uninfected water for his sick daughter), then I began to dream of how great it would be to make the game not only more difficult, but to adapt it to the atmosphere of the chaos that had been in the books. But I had no choice but to dream… I remembered the criticism of Never Winter Nights and the heaps of gold in barrels in the slums. But it was a different time. Of course, I was happy to finish TW3, but with the feeling that the atmosphere could be better, more real, closer to books and lore.

    And now I have all of that with LFT. When I was playing with version 3.5, I felt like I was playing a different game than a few years ago and with every new version the experience is better and "deeper". Finally, every little thing, every piece of equipment, every herb and every bottle (whether it's full or empty) is important. [...] LFT adds importance, coherence, logic and of course lore."

    listr's promotion
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    "Do you want to experience a really deep, depressing, realistic and lore story of Witcher's journey on the trail? Do you want to experience the real despair of the Velen ravaged by war, Novigrad, where money means more than life, Skellige, where any abandonment of the trail can mean rapid death, and Toussaint, who is abundant in wealth, but everything has a price and wealth does not just lie on the ground? - Choose LFT!"

    Some visual info:

    - Gallery images by me, a little intro story board.
    - Gallery images by listr, showcasing several W2 armors from Witcher 2 Gear mod.
    - Videos by PanPan66.


    I N S T A L L A T I O N


    - All DLCs supported. Besides HoS and BaW expansions, the DLC gear sets are mandatory (Temerian/Wolf/Nilfgaard/Skelliges).
    - From Steam or GoG or elsewhere shouldn't make any difference for the LFT installation.
    - Installing and running LFT properly does not require any UPatch related action. Compatibility with UPatch is given though.
    - Quality standards: A small but dedicated team provides betatesting, aka we do a kind of quality management.
    - If you consider to go with LFT for your witcher adventures, then the mod is sotospeak your "mother" mod.
    - And if you have already many mods installed, including overhaul mods, check below "Mod installations (alternative)".

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    How to install the mod

    I. Download the mod file and save the compressed zip file to a preferred location.

    II. Unzip the downloaded file. You will get one All in One (AIO) folder with proper structured sub folders including readme's.
    This allows some LFT configuration for main mod files and optional additional stuff. See the readme's and proceed along them.

    The red line for the installation, as follows:

    III. At first drop the "mod_LFT" file into your 'mods' folder. This within your Witcher 3 directory, example path,
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Witcher 3\mods. If you have no such "mods" folder, create one.

    IV. Find the "PN + Med instructions+codes.txt". This readme explains what's to do after step III.


    V. Install the Witcher 2 Gear mod (W2G). This will change several vanilla non-witcher school armor models to the ones from Witcher 2, including the start armors (Kaer Morhen, Warrior Jacket) for which the LFT code is prepared, thus it is quasi mandatory.

    Prefer the vanilla KM/Hunter armor models or not like to install the W2G mod? No problem.
    Use one of the possible Add-on modfiles, included in AIO folder with according readme.


    LFT is a major gameplay overhaul and designed for a fresh game start from scratch.
    Once installed, updates will be usually save friendly with the LFT started game (changelog gives the according hint).

    When in before the training tutorial in Kaer Morhen, choose "freestyle" when Vesemir asks Geralt.


    After the LFT installation:

    Check below 'Other Mods' section in the first place for complementary mods.
    The section informs also about compatible and incompatible mods (important to know).


    Tools needed:

    Script Merger

    Run Script Merger for merging scripts and possibly bundled text, which is always due when using multiple mods with scripts and/or xml's.
    I recommend the Script Merger Unofficial Patch version.

    Mod merge with Mod Merger tool?
    Abandon mod merge action entirely and go for the new Mod Limit Fix - highly recommended!
    In case you still apply the Mod Merger tool, do not mod merge LFT modfiles!


    Furtheron consider especially the following three sections.


    Integrated mods - info!

    Contents from the following mods are integrated (compilation parts):

    a) Gameplay (script, xml): FCR3 and Primal Needs

    b) Item levels (script): No Level Requirements for 1.31

    c) Effects, UI (script): No Talk Icon, No Consumable Autofill, No Potion Drinking Screen FX, No Save Indicator Icon

    d) NPC-Guards (script): Guards Down-leveled And Mortal

    e) Meditation (script, other): Meditation UI

    f) Sword damage (script): Silver Sword for Specters (extension for Steel Is All You Need mod, which respectively is also not compatible)

    When these mods are installed, disable them.


    Game launch - info!

    1. When Script Merger applied or game scripts are changed and launching the game, parsing scripts process most likely appears.

    This is a normal script check by the game engine (Red-engine).

    2. Let it run to main menu and then quit the game ( exit ! ).

    3. Re-launch the game and play.


    Play modes - info!

    The mod delivers no support files for "New Game +" (NG+).
    Also the HoS and BaW standalone starting files are not edited, thus not supported.

    This means, do not play NG+ or HoS or BaW standalone game starts with LFT.


    Strings (localization) - info

    a) Primal Needs (PN) mod menu and some connected in-game terms (strings files within mod_LFT content folder)

    Translations provided: en, de, cz, fr, ru.

    b) Meditation UI mod menu (strings files within mod_LFTMeditation content folder)

    Translations provided: en, cz, de, fr, ru.

    All other strings files use english text by default.

    Application example:
    In case you are from fe. Spain, but you apply the english localization game language version, then you will need only the "en" strings files in the according mod content folder. You can also leave them all as they are, by default no action needed!

    There are tools available on Nexus, which support editing strings files (translation). For example the String Editor tool for W3 is quite easy to apply. Feel free to provide the translation to your language and send me the file (will be mentioned in changelog and credits).

    Rough tutorial for String Editor
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Install, apply as usual tool.

    It is chinese by default. Change to English with button at top of the tool window.

    Open file with button from menu (do not use "open all"): Search for path to mod_LFT content folder. There all strings files reside.

    Choose strings file fe. "ru" or whatever your language short-sign is.

    Then that file must appear in left box. It is marked by default normally.

    Look right hand top box. There are the string lines, mark the line for editing.


    In the box below that top box (also right hand) is the editing box.
    This is the work box, sotospeak.
    Translate line by line (marked in above box).
    Clicking on the line in the top box and the line is done.

    Simple as that.

    When all lines done, then mark left box line (according strings file).

    Menu, choose "save selected" (or so), not "import or export".

    Done. (It then also says backup file done etc.).

    Find the translated strings file (new date) in the same folder, just in mod_LFT content folder.

    Copy it to desktop and send it to me as zip file via free upload server, fe. works well, without registering.

    Same procedere can be done for mod folder mod_LFTMeditation. There it is only a few lines.


    Changelog - info

    The release changelogs from the upper part of this page here. They contain excerpts of mod contents per released version (since v2.x).

    For more basic background: Descriptions for modified aspects and playtips are contained in the download as pdf's.

    Changelogs and mod descriptions have ofc also a kind of spoilering effect. So if you are one of those who play the W3 game without knowledge about the plot and content details and that is program for your approach, then it might be more senseful to ignore those descriptions and that enables a complete free discovery. I'm personally not such a player, not at all have problems with content spoilers, it is probably but fair to mention the spoilering character.


    Mod installations (alternative) - info

    a. Copy your current mods folder, rename that folder for example to "mods_disabled".

    b. This is your mods folder backup. You can always re-enable it with naming it back to "mods".

    c. Use your usual mods folder for a changed mod setup.

    d. Or alternatively to point c, create a new mods folder for the same purpose (in this case, renaming the mods folder as backup is enough).

    Summary: You can switch between multiple mods folders. The active mods folder calls always "mods", the renamed ones will be ignored by the game.


    De-installation - info

    I. Remove the LFT mod file from your mods folder.

    II. Remove also other files, which you have installed from the LFT download files.

    III. Re-run Script Merger.

    IIIa. Alternative, also common valid for script mods:

    Unmerge merged modfile aka whole merged scripts. Remove according mods/script mods. Script merge anew, everything.
    Most secure method with script mods.
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