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    Installed NTW on steam, then dl 8.0 core, maps themes, campaign, builds and HC, and 8.1 patch for NTW3+campaign. Installed in this order. No problem

    I can launch the game but it doesnt look or work when I get inside, it starts with NTW3 and it says so in startup menu but it looks more like vanilla. I can go into MP but everything else looks strange and the campaign and the battles are only vanilla

    Win 10 but have told it to load win 7, tried launching using desktop icon for 8.1 first and then switched to 8.0 cause 8.1 didnt work I also have 2560 and have chosen that but screen isnt working in MP

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    Launcher looks ok, press Main 1805 campaign. No matter which one I press I always have the same thing happen. NTW3 intro, then its SEGA logo, Intel logo and then Creative logo. THen its vanilla film with Napoleon. I then end up at the same time as always. At the top its says NTW3 but its the vanilla campaigns and they are faulty, no text, missing countries, cant start etc. There is a choce of Napoleon battles then there is a map with what I believe are the vanilla battles, some of which cant be chosen. The list goes on.

    Any idea what I have done wrong?

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    Default Re: Launching problem

    Please read the latest post regarding the NTW3 campaign games:
    They took a little vacation and will return with the next v8.6 release

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