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Thread: Wu Assassin's (Netflix)

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    Default Wu Assassin's (Netflix)

    Brave of Netflix.

    They cancelled Iron Fist only to resurrect it with a worse actor and relocated it to San Francisco.

    But looks cheesey fun. So why not.
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    Default Re: Wu Assassin's (Netflix)

    You expect good martial arts and good acting?

    Mildly excited because it has Iko Uwais. (He can act you know, just not in English!)
    I really loved The Raid 1, and especially The Raid 2, with its memorable end-of-the level baddies. Uko knows his pencak silat ... hopefully he can show it.

    Totally not excited because:

    I'm worried I'm gonna get a reheated dish: There were plans in 2014 to make an American version of The Raid that ultimately got canned. So perhaps this series is a spinoff of that project. Let's see:

    The trailer revealed a couple of fight scenes in corridors, which have me kinda worried. Because one way to describe The Raid: Redemption 1 is a 90 minute vicious corridor brawl. The trailer then shows a fight in a casino hall--->hey, that's the ending of the Raid 2. The trailer also shows a scene with a fight in a garage full of cars---> that's the scene before the ending of the Raid 2.

    I could go on.

    Pretty sure story wise this one will be pretty lame(it's got fairies ffs!) and action settings will be nerfed to hell compared to Asian standards.

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    Default Re: Wu Assassin's (Netflix)

    I guess I'll watch it.

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