We are continuing today with our preview of the upcoming Europa Barbarorum 1.33. As the relentless work of the last year comes to full fruition, we are in the position, especially on behalf of our great modeller Teobec, who insisted on keeping the simple, low poly, but high in historical detail Europa Barbarorum models, to continue with the presentation of the work of EB 1.33. Today our presentation will focus in some other units and aspects that were not part of the first presentation.

Iberian and African Units

Dovideri (Iberian Elite Warriors)

Brigantinoi (Celtiberian Champions)

Mezugenoi (Celtiberian Swordsmen)

Merkabim Garamantim (Garamantine Chariots)

Libyan Swordsmen

Libyan Javelinmen

New Barbarian strat map settlements (again work of Teobec)

Hellenistic Units

Thyreos-carrying Horse-Archer

Illyrian Thorakitai

Lakedaimonian Phalangitai

Athenian Hoplites