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Thread: Quest Battle black screen?

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    Default Quest Battle black screen?


    Done a fair bit of googling before posting and I couldn't find any help so here I am.

    I've been playing through the Tomb Kings atm, and the early quest the "Crown of Nakaheru (sp)" includes a quest battle. I've teleported my army over there and I click go... only to be greeted with a black screen with a "start battle" button, which I've since discovered is normal.

    If I click "start battle" though, the black screen just stays there. Nothing happens. There's ambient noise, but nothing else, just a black screen.

    Any suggestions?

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    I've been running into this today as well, except instead of the "Crown of nakaheru," it's the "Blessed Blade of Ptra" quest. I haven't found a fix yet either. Already validated game files and checked that my mods were compatible/up-to-date. Trying to figure out what to try next, because I'm hoping it's not a corrupt save - that's always aggravating.

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    Alright, never mind, it's doing it to me on both of those quests ("Crown of Nakaheru" and "Blessed Blade of Ptra"). I think I'm just going to wait patiently tomorrow for it to hit midnight so I can just play Total War: Three Kingdoms.

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    Does the same without any mods installed too. So it's not a modding issue.


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