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    buenas me gustaria saber si este mod es compatible con windows 10,lo acabo de instalar,yo creo que bien,y me sale este mensaje
    you are mising follaving requeride vainilla pack files
    patch6 y patch7
    the mod willnat work without them error log sent
    y no tengo ni idea
    un saludo

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    1- This is and English speaking forum. You'd get more chance to get an answer if you translate your question.
    2- The game is Windows 10, so the mods will also be Windows 10, no reason it wouldn't work because of OS. But be sure you have the mod and all the updates installed.

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    Exactly what Steph said, you need to post in English and post your question in the correct forum. Which is here, please use that forum for question regarding The Great War mod. Thread closed.
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