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My position for the US:

1. You have no right to be here whatsoever.

2. We may choose to allow you to stay if your asylum application is compelling.

3. Any other admission to our country is a boon, for which you should be hugely grateful.

4. You should be committed to American ideals, and shed whatever ideology or allegiance you held prior to being granted access/asylum.

5. We do not care what you look like, what god you worship, or whatever belief or position you hold in relation to us deciding whether or not you should be here.

6. Are you going to be a leach on our services, or a net gain on them? We understand if you're a leach for just a bit before being a bet contributor, hell, that's what most of us use it for.

7. If you are a criminal ( we see so much murder, traficking, rape, child molestation, etc on the border) we have processes to weed you out, liberate your victims, prosecute you, and ensure the people at the border remain free from your predation.

But no. All of this is "racist" according to democrats. I can't explain why this is racist, the democrats just assure us that it is.
Is it true that these demands are viewed as racist from the left? No.

1. You are right in saying the have no right to be in your country. But they do have the right to come to your country and ask for asylum. And a right to be treated humanely while they do so.

2. You may not collectively choose whom you want to allow in your country. That's a populist misconception. There are legal procedures and international treaties in place that determine who's an asylum-seeker, who's a migrant, who's a refugee, who's an undocumented immigrant, who's an alien and what happens to all these categories. The asylum process is a very streamlined, very defined, very legally binding one.

3. I think that if you were to talk to immigrants you'd know that they're very grateful to be anywhere that even begrudgingly accepts them. This point maybe shows some prejudice towards the migrants, since by the way you phrase it, it comes out like the migrants are generally ungrateful. Some people would begin to suspect you for bigotry right about now.

4. I think this should reflect how things are done for citizenship, not asylum. Again, including this point and the way you frame it demonstrates some prejudice against immigrants, since it reads as if every immigrant is an extremist anti-american anti-capitalist. That's not the case, and people would be getting more worried about how bigoted you are right about now.

5. This point kinda conflicts with the sentiments in point 4. So, do you or do you not care if the asylum-seekers espouse American ideals? In point 4 you say they absolutely must, in point 5 you say "We do not care...or whatever belief or position you hold". So, which is it, Ponty? TBH, I think this is more the obligatory "I'm-not-a-racist" sentence you've been told you need to use when you discuss immigration, and that's shameful; you shouldn't have to use literary vehicles that mean nothing like this, and I'm sorry that you feel you must.

6. Again, you seem to believe that immigrants leech from social services. This is, again, not factually correct. Social research has shown not only that immigrants get jobs almost immediately once they are inside a country albeit jobs so horrible in pay and hours you wouldn't even believe they exist, they generally tend to stay off social services because a) many are undocumented so it would lead them nowhere, b) they've been conditioned to believe they can't apply even if they have the typical papers in order. Instead, if you see the studies on immigration you'd see most immigrant turn for the social and health needs to the immigrant network of the city they live in.

7. I agree with most of this, I only add that people from other countries shouldn't have to deal with them either. If they did it in America, do a favor to the world and make sure that by the time they leave your prisons they will commit no more crime. Don't just export criminals to avoid the headache.