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Thread: MAARC LXXXIII - the winners!

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    Default MAARC LXXXIII - the winners!

    Creative Workshop Competitions - Check out our sister competitions here on TWC! << Picture of the Week | Tale of the Week | Writers' Study General Competitions | Graphics Workshop Monthly Competition >>

    Image by cedric37.


    Congratulations to the winners!

    In FIRST PLACE is Toutatis Favours the Brave by Welsh Dragon. Full of drama, packed with vivid characters, and steeped in historical atmosphere, this AAR draws you in to the world of the Celts. Welsh Dragon receives three Writers' Study Competition Points for this win, which means he now has a total of 16!

    In JOINT SECOND PLACE we have two AARs:

    Derc Plays Through World History, by Derc, is an AAR using many different games set in different historical eras. Using many pictures and few words, Derc tells the story of each of his campaigns with great liveliness and enthusiasm, and has been rewarded with two Writers' Study Competition Points, giving him a total of 9!

    Written in Sand by Kilo11, in contrast, contains very few images. Kilo11's story of the desert, its characters, its politics, and of course its battles, is intricate, richly detailed and fascinating, and has earned him two Writers' Study Competition Points, taking him to a total of 23 - just one point away from a gold medal!

    Thanks to everyone who entered or voted, and many congratulations to our winners!

    The submission thread is here, the original voting thread is here, and the tie-break thread is here.
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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIII - the winners!

    Congrats to all three! It is a nice reading for sure!

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIII - the winners!

    That was thrilling indeed. A great result, congrats guys Well worth the read, as you have said Rien! Thanks for hosting a great run of the MAARC, Caillagh!

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIII - the winners!

    Congratulations to Welsh, Derc and Kilo, and thanks to Caillagh!

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIII - the winners!

    Congrats to Welsh Dragon and Derc! And many thanks to Caillagh for taking care of the organization of this installment of the MAARC.

    On a more selfish note: I will not be denied that last point and my gold medallion! We wants its!
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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIII - the winners!

    Guess we have to share our seats, Kilo. I gladly will. C'mere, mah boi. *pat pat*

    Congrats to everyone, honestly. A well done competition with great sportmanship and even a guest. Could use even more guests (that are also allowed to vote ;p) to pump the votes up, but it's a start.
    Glad you're enjoying this, Rien.

    Good thing that I'm not first. This way I can participate in the next one. The world will burn! Literally.

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIII - the winners!

    Thank you everyone for the congratulations. I'd like to share my win with Kilo, Derc and all the other entrants from the first round, as they all write fantastic stories well worth a read.

    All the Best,

    Welsh Dragon.

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIII - the winners!

    Congratulations Welsh Dragon, Derc and Kilo11!

    Thanks Caillagh for hosting!

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