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Thread: La Guerre de Cent Ans 1.0 - Kingdoms and Steam compatible

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    Default La Guerre de Cent Ans 1.0 - Kingdoms and Steam compatible

    IntroductionHaving come across this mod several times in the course of Q&A due to it's restriction of being an 'old' mod I decided to port the mod to kingdoms and with it to steam. While at it I also set it up for use by the Mac version of the game.

    Please note that this is based on the original mod (0.99), files were only edited to ensure compatibility, some were removed as they exist in the original pack or are no longer needed. As such the original permission for the mod applies:

    InstallationThis is one of my 'click through' installations.

    • As long as your registry is fine the installer will find the correct installation path. If not, simply follow the instruction displayed in the installer.
    • At the end of the installation a file verification will take place, allow it to finish, check for error messages, close it and finalise your installation.
    • Steam users: no need to do anything - simply start the mod with it's desktop shortcut

    Version History1.0 - 18th June 2019
    - ported to Kingdoms
    - Steam compatible, no further action is required
    - all files are small caps to support Mac installation
    - files were only edited if they were otherwise not compatible
    - assorted graphic elements added to distinguish from earlier versions
    - minor fixes and adjustments:
    provided custom battle locations
    enabled hotseat
    provided missing sprites
    resolved silver surfers
    resolved past leaders and under age heirs in family trees
    Spoiler for family tree

    Download here
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