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    DAC is excellent but whats with all the rain? If you like a bit more sunshine for your battles try this little mod
    Back up your old weather_db file first (its in your data file). unrar this file and replace.
    Good Luck and any problems just post

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    I have long dreamed about it. Спасибо.

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    Its head developer is a Brit, what do you expect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c.ryo View Post
    It's head developer is a Brit, what do you expect.

    Well I am a Brit too and honestly it doesnt rain as much here

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    This is brilliant if it works because I am honestly so tired of nearly every battle being stormy weather

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    You will still get some rainy days buddy. Just a lot less rain and a lot more sun. I can fix it so it never rains but didn't go that far

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    I like this. I think I will look to tweak the file for future versions of DaC. I too am fed up with the near constant rain!

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