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    Default General Skill Options

    I'm trying to do a wiki thing to show the typical general skill trees at a glance. Mainly to make it easier to spot which way you need to go if the character is going to be an assignee versus general, or is the faction leader/heir.

    Draft thing here, comments welcome...

    But the main bit I need some help with is for Skills like 'Understanding' in game text for the starting rank bonus is:
    +1 Starting Rank for all Recruits
    (faction wide)
    (only if this character is prime minister, heir or faction leader)
    which implies (as it's differently formatted from the things that only apply to faction leaders etc.) that the +1 Starting Rank would apply to Recruits in other circumstances...

    my question is which circumstances? would that be for additional recruits to the retinue, or for units recruited in a commandery administrated by the character?
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    Default Re: General Skill Options

    The wording is somewhat confusing, but what it means is that if this character is Prime Minister, Heir, or Faction Leader, all faction recruits get +1 starting rank. It has no other corollaries.

    It goes:
    1. Effect
    2. Scope
    3. Conditional
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