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Thread: American Revolution Mod Pictures/Video Thread

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    I didn't exactly know where to post this in this forum because I want to showcase m Let's Play's so I figured I'd create a screenshots thread. Please remove or relocate if not allowed. Love this mod BTW!

    The year is 1783- In this part, the 1st of many, the United States builds up its military under Nathanial Greene who promptly attacks the British near Quebec, rather that Acadia. Native American Tribes bolster their forces along the newly minted USA border. Trade deals are struck between the United States and many countries in Europe while that part of the world begins to tear itself apart. Down south, in Georgia and the Carolinas, John Sullivan musters militia to defend against the impending Native American attack and the eventual invasion into Florida. Subscribe for all the updates and to see this amazing mod in action!

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    Default Re: American Revolution Mod Pictures/Video Thread

    Excellent! Thanks much! A new thread is just fine. I might just have to sticky it


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    In this episode of the American Revolution Let's Play, America continues to bolster its forces for the coming invasion on all fronts that surround the country. The to break the siege surrounding the city of Falmouth, America sallies out to meet the British on open field leading to a small engagement. Using a small navy for transportation, a full army under Nathanael Greene, slowly chips away at Great Britain holdings around America by taking Acadia and Newfoundland. The target eventually being New France and Upper Canada. After mustering together enough troops for a second army, Engelbert Croft begins his invasion into Canada, but is intercepted by the British commander Jack Lusted. Should Croft's army be defeated that would deal a devastating blow to American forces into Canada. Great Britain also has another army waiting for Greene at the port of Tadoussac. Will the British be able to stop the American invasion into Canada? In the south, American forces continue to grow preparing for the campaign into Florida, which is currently held by the Spanish. Be sure to check out this awesome episode and keep an eye out for the 3rd episode! Already recorded!

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    First off thank you to everyone who helped me reach 900 subscribers! We're in the endgame now! But in this epic American Revolution Let's Play episode, Nathanael Greene attacks Timothy Gosling at the post of Tadoussac. Meanwhile, John Sullivan invades Florida beginning a war with Spain. Fortunately the city of St. Augustine is taken by the Americans without a drop of blood. The remaining Spanish forces disperse and begin to attack the Cherokee Nations. Back in the north Engelbert Croft besieges and subsequently takes Montreal which firmly puts Canada in the hands of the United States. The British counter attack by sending two armies into the state of Maine. While the small force is quickly dealt with, Jack Lusted returns with a replenished army and meets Anthony Wayne outside of Falmouth which leads to a fierce battle! In Northern Canada, Harold Channing secures the region of Montagnais while Croft captures Fort Sault Ste. Marie. Rupert's Land is al that is in the way of complete American dominance of Canada! Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments!

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    Very good, I only wish I had recorded my campaign. Things are very different in the Americas and in Europe

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