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    Default Europa Barbarorum 1.33 Sneak Preview

    Hello EB Lovers!

    Our EB Team (Teobec, B0gia de bodemloze and me) have prepaired an entirely new version of EB 1.33, which adds more than 60 new, historially attested units including chariots, cavalrymen, generals and updated siege engines. Teobec has also worked on improving the outward appearence of barbarian settlements on the strategic map. We have also undertaken a fixing of all EB 1.32 issues. The new EB 1.33 will arrive with its own separate .exe installer and it wil have its own launcher. The version will work exclusively on Alexander.exe in order to take advantage of the larger unit slots that the engine offers, as well as, the better AI. Here we will offer a sneak preview of our work, which greatly surpasses every version that we have released since the old team released 1.2. The Roman faction lovers should know that we have added a Roman Augustan legionary with segmentata, because an archaeological research undertaken by me, has proven that lorica segmentata was worn by legionaries already in the last three decades of the 1st century B.C.

    The work on the units and the engines is mainly (and frequently, almost exclusively) the fruitful result of the tireless work and enthusiasm of Teobec, while B0gia coordinated the entire project. The current preview contains a small part of the work.

    Roman and Italian Units

    Augustan Praetorian

    Augustan Marine

    Post-Marian Evocatus

    Etruscan Hoplite

    Hellenistic Units

    Seleucid Epilektoi Thorakitai

    Cretan Peltast

    New Seleucid Chariot

    Arabian Camel-Archer (they were present at Magnesia in 189 B.C.)

    Some Balkan Units

    Dacian Komatai Skirmisher

    Illyrian Dalmato-Pannonian Cavalry

    Thracian Slingers

    Indian Units

    Mauriya Chariots

    Indian Light Cavalry AoR

    Indian Tribal Levies

    Eastern and African Units

    Iranian Medium Spearmen

    Ethiopian Warriors

    Siege Engines and Crews

    Seleucid Ram

    Eastern Ram

    Macedonian Ram

    Celtic Ram covered with shields

    Ptolemaic Siege Crew

    Carthaginian Siege Crew

    Since Teobec did 99% of the work, I urge all the EB lovers to give him reps. He did in a few months a many years job!

    We need your comments and your support!!!

    EB 1.33 Alex is coming soon...
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