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    First of all, what an amazing mod. I couldn't get EBII to work so I'm here spicing up my copy of RTW.

    I remember trying out EB years ago and I couldn't quite get my head around it. I don't want that to happen again and I really don't want to go back to vanilla!

    I've been having a practice as the Romani, pushing the Epirotes and rebels from mainland Italy and also taking Messana (nice touch with the war with Carthage). I've also started pushing north. I'm not doing badly but a few things are really stumping me right now. I've just about got my head around the government buildings and I'm experimenting with what units I can now recruit, which is great fun.

    *Historically, how many Greek levies and also Gallic levies as I push north, should I be recruiting into my Roman army?

    ** Building! Wow, things are expensive. In the early campaign, what should I focus on? I can't actually see many buildings which will improve my economy unless I'm missing something? Should I keep my military focus for now? If so what should I focus on afterwards?

    *** Traits. Again, fantastic immersion. However, I've already got bored generals (and the next stage). I'm sure there's a guide to the feeding and breeding of governers knocking around somewhere, is there one specifically for EB family members? Also, can I 'blood' young generals if they are not actually leading the army (as in fighting but a more experienced general id leading the army)?

    That's it for now, there will be more though!

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    Markets, roads, mines and harbours improve economy. Everything leading to greater population growth indirectly improves economy. It's a slow build-up in comparison to the basegame, but boy can you get a strong economy going if you invest hard in those buildings. Always build forums, as soon as possible, in all settlements. Your future military expansion is entirely dependent on you getting a strong economy rolling. The richer you are, the more armies you can field.

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    1. No reason not to use them. They aren't really good so but if you need to fill the ranks you should utilize them. You should be constantly pumping out Roman units to help control squalor in your homeland and have better units. Biggest reason not to use them is that your goal should be to get more population to the fringes so that you can more easily reinforce your borders in the future.

    2. I focus on the economy and population. As the Romans you should develop Rome and recruit all of your units there for the bonus.

    3. Generals learn through experience. You can trade retainers between generals and educate them in universities.

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