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Thread: Replacing my Ryzen 2600 or my RX 580?

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    Default Replacing my Ryzen 2600 or my RX 580?

    First I thought just want to upgrade to Ryzen 3600 since it's the chepest option but I dont think it will bring a lot of benefit. Maybe an extra frame here and there.

    Should I get sonething like Ryzen 7 3800X or wait for 4th gen and for now upgrade my GPU? Gonna stick with AMD theme for this build so probably 5700 or 5700XT once the non reference design is out.

    Currently I can get 60 fps with current rig is settings as below.

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    Default Re: Replacing my Ryzen 2600 or my RX 580?

    Hi, you should add 'GPU utiliziation' to your in-game Afterburner stats. This way u can figure out in which game situations u have a CPU or GPU bottleneck (e.g. camera hovering closely over a lot of units is often CPU-, heavy SFX usually GPU bottlenecked).

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