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Thread: Allow me few questions.

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    Default Allow me few questions.

    Nottice that i do not own TKTW because my PC is too old for it.
    Never the less i have some questions for my quriocity only .
    1) Does the new game have all settlements with walls or like Rome II lesser settlements remain un walled?
    2) Does the new game have the same siege escalation system that Attila Total war has?
    3) Does the new game have real naval batlles like the previus titles have?
    If yes can the player assault to an enemy ship and capture it for his own like in ETW?
    4)Does the new game has the same building slots limitation like Rome II and Attila?
    Thank you in advance for your answers.
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    1) Like in Rome 2 or Attila, only the regional capital has wall. Lesser settlements are unwalled but can have a numerous garnison, some like mines have tower to help defend, other like horse pasture are just an open field, depending on the type of settlement the garnison isn't the same.
    2) The siege escalation work the same as Attila if you wait enough there will be breach and tower destroyed. When you siege you can also order to dig to make more breach (this happen off battle unlike Rome 1).
    3) They have removed the naval battle, you can still embark your army on the Yellow and Yangtze river or sail the sea to go to Ta´wan for exemple. You can still attack an army on sea but it will be an autoresolve battle.
    4) there are building limitation, the regional capital get up to 6 extra slots, minor settlements are predefinite and have no other slot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foeurdr View Post
    2) The siege escalation work the same as Attila if you wait enough there will be breach and tower destroyed. When you siege you can also order to dig to make more breach (this happen off battle unlike Rome 1).
    My understanding is that the siege escalation like the way it works on Attila does not exist in the 3K. There are a number of factors that effects walls. One is the option to dig the walls. You manage that to a degree. The result is collapsed or damaged walls in one section. An other factor I noticed was events. Sometimes you're asked to decide whether you wanna take a particular action. For example, sometimes it asks if you wanna burst the dam to cause a flood.

    Do you mean walls would get damaged with each turn even if you take no action other than simply besieging the city?
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    Default Re: Allow me few questions.

    I think I had some walls broken just by waiting at least two turns and without digging or any event.
    What I'm sure, is that by simply waiting some towers will be destroyed on the wall, sometimes even inside the city, which look quite ridiculous when the outer wall are intact and you have no treb.

    I will need to check but city battle aren't often nice to do, minor settlements with towers are often more interesting.
    By the way, towers are a bit strange, those on the walls are quite weak but towers standing alone can easily make most of the casualties during the battle. To balance things, they are easy to destroy once you have flaming arrow (I would prefer tower on the level of those in Shogun 2).

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    Siege escalation will destroy some towers. In minor settlements with their watchtowers, this means the structure is completely destroyed, but in major settlements, the stone fortification is still intact and only the wooden guardhouse on top is destroyed, which I suppose makes more sense.

    It will at the very least damage walls. I can't confirm if it outright destroys walls eventually, because by that point the enemy usually has several sapping tunnels constructed and its impossible to tell which walls are destroyed by escalation vs deliberate sapping.
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