In 2014, as we all know a woefully mismanaged Iraqi military was completely routed by what was then one of the many factions in the Syrian Civil War, ISIL/Daesh allowing to take control over large sections of Northern and Western Iraq and propelling to one of the most powerful terrorist organisations in the world as a proto state. From there it attempted to commit genocide against religious minorities such as the Yazidis and Christian communities such as the Assyrians, whereas the genocide against the former was cut short, the latter was less fortunate considering that the Nineveh Plains remained under the control of ISIL/Daesh until 2017. While there are many reasons why ISIL/Daesh was able to commit this genocide such as the Iraqi government and military being extremely corrupt and tribalistic, I do believe that the U.S bears some responsibility for creating the conditions for this genocide to have happened in the first place particularly during the early years of the Iraq War where it's clumsy/downright stupid attempts at De-Ba'athification such as the complete dissolution of the old Iraqi military created a massive power vacuum where numerous Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda and ISIL gained a lot of political influence and manpower from the now unemployed Iraqi soldiers and commanders. This provided an experienced group of commanders to ISIL/Daesh by 2014 which was perhaps instrumental to its early victories that year.