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    Can+t open the Installer, Win10 claims i may not have the "privileges" to do so.. run it as Adm. no dice, tried to take ownership, no dice.. what gives ?

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    Default (Please: Admin, open new thread. )" Sound: Drums and Fife"

    Good morning, a quick note of thank you for your fantastic service and endeavour. Epic, beyond already high expectations. To my point.
    Having installed, to the best of my knowledge the latest patch, I noticed that I seemed no longer to have drummers, pipers, let alone accompanying music. Granted before it had a annoying tendency to crash pre battle but it did work

    Edit: I have also, noticed that enlarged deployment and distance zones do not appear to be working either.
    (Sorry Admin. Please post under new thread Drums and Fife. My apologies)
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