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Thread: Bugs & Issues for 3.5

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    Default Bugs & Issues for 3.5

    Found a bug (Maybe):

    I reported in another threat that two of Jiaozhou's westernmost cities start with -100% religion.

    A similar problem exists for Henan (Which I plan on doing a campaign for). Both their starting cities begin with -100% religion.

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    Default Re: Bugs & Issues for 3.5

    Wucheng (C-0306-b-LeLing) has 110 total religion percentage in descr_regions
    Linhuai (C-0704-b-ZhanChun) = 120

    That requires correcting - where those the settlements you meant?

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    Default Re: Bugs & Issues for 3.5

    Sorry, I forgot to list the cities.

    For Henan, the cities are:

    1) C-0803-a-HeNei

    2) C-0804-a-HeDong

    These cities are split between dynastic change and revival, but Henan is neither.

    For Jiaozhou, the cities are:

    1) C-1418-b-LinJiang (Longbian)

    2) C-1412-b-Hanjia (Hepu)

    These two cities are 100% revival currently.

    I also found the same issue with Chen's only city:

    1) C-0710-a-WuYin

    This city has dynastic change, factionism and daoist revolution. But Chen is revival.

    This may explain why these factions don't expand very much in the early game. Jiaozhou does, since two are their cities are positive, but Chen and Henan do not seem to as much.
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    Default Re: Bugs & Issues for 3.5

    I fixed the top two, but didn’t see Chen. Will make sure to fix that.
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