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Thread: Bāktria - cretan archers

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    Default Bāktria - cretan archers

    Baktrian campaign, thorax reform, level 3 barracks, but the cretan archers are not available to be recruited.
    They are not greyed out, they are literally not there.

    Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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    This is probably better posted in the bug thread or feedback thread. Yes they should be available in Thorax from level 2 barracks up from what I can see in the files.

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    Default Re: Bāktria - cretan archers

    Is it Thureos Reform or Thorax Reform?

    It has to be 120 turns and imperial lv5.

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    Thorax. I got them after shut down and reloading the game

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    Default Re: Bāktria - cretan archers

    The user's issue was solved. Thread closed.

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