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Thread: Encouragement mechanic, what does it do?

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    Default Encouragement mechanic, what does it do?

    Hi, I've seen on my units the notifications saying that a unit is encourged by the general or by a nearby unit, but I cant seem to find any information as to what these do to the affected unit.

    For example, I know that when a general is nearby that the morale of a unit tends to not buckle as much as if they werent there at all, but what actual effect does this have on the unit being inspired? Does it increase the morale of a unit by a pip or two? Or does this only slow down the rate at which the unit would break at?

    Also, do the elite units in the game with the Inspires nearby units do the same thing as above? Or does it do something else? If it also adds a pop to the morale of nearby units, does this stack with the general or does it take the best of the two?

    I've searched google for some sort of answer to this, but I cant find anything about it.

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    Default Re: Encouragement mechanic, what does it do?

    Thread moved.

    I'm not very familiar with NTW modding but yeah, the encouragement mechanic functions as a minor morale boost to the unit, inspires / encouragement are essentially the same thing.
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    Default Re: Encouragement mechanic, what does it do?

    I dont know why this was moved, since I wasnt asking a modding question.

    So it adds, for example, an extra point of morale to a nearby unit? Do you know if the if multiple units in close proximity stack their bonuses, for example increasing morale by 2+ points for say two Guards next to a Musketeer unit? Or does it take the best bonus around and apply it?

    Only asking as recently I've gone up against armies of nothing but Grenadiers and they've wiped the floor with me, even though I've fielded the same army type as a counter and while I understand that I was outplayed in those games I still want to understand why I cant break them even though they take the same if not more damage from my army that would break any other unit under normal conditions.

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