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    Default Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod 5.0 - Steam compatible

    IntroductionHaving come across this mod several times in the course of Q&A due to it's restriction of being an 'old' mod I decided to combine the available downloads and make it fully compatible with Steam. While at it I also set it up for use by the Mac version of the game as well as for the Geomod tool.

    Please note that this is based on the original mod (3.0 plus patches 4.2 and 4.3) by Dave Scarface. Files were only edited to ensure compatibility, some were removed as they exist in the original pack or are no longer needed. As such the original permission for the mod applies.

    InstallationThis is one of my 'click through' installations.
    • As long as your registry is fine the installer will find the correct installation path. If not, simply follow the instruction displayed in the installer.
    • At the end of the installation a file verification will take place, allow it to finish, check for error messages, close it and finalize your installation.
    • Steam users: no need to do anything - simply start the mod with it's desktop shortcut

    NotesAssorted observations:
    • Missing text - should you come across missing text please run this tutorial included as of patch 5.0.002
    • Menu crash - despite the fix a crash will still happen when you switch back and forth between campaign and custom battle. A crash will also happen if you click on a large number of factions in the selection screen, the latter is an old M2TW problem.
    • Updates - please check this post for any updates

    Version History5.0.002 - 07. July 2019
    - corrected formatting in win_conditions
    - provided 'block graphic' fix
    5.0 - 06 July 2019
    - Steam compatible, no further action is required
    - ready for use with Geomod tool
    - all files are small caps to support Mac installation
    - assorted graphic elements added to distinguish from earlier versions
    - compiled from these downloads:
    3.0 base installation
    4.2 and 4.3 patches
    menu crash fix
    movement fix
    - minor fixes and adjustments:
    removed surplus original files (lookups, enums, unused model files)
    provided missing files (sprites)
    re-formatted modelDb
    fixed various 'silversurfers'
    resolved duplicate triggers in EDA and EDCT (from original game)
    corrected invalid win conditions
    corrected minor format errors in script

    Spoiler for original ReadMe
    Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod Version 3.0 ReadMe==============================

    Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod
    Version 3.0
    Readme File



    1.0 OVERVIEW
    2.0 CREDITS

    1.0 OVERVIEW

    Kingdoms Grand Campaign adds Kingdoms to the grand campaign on an epic map. The mod offers
    a tough challenge and starts in year 1180 AD. Two new Christian powers Antioch and the
    Kingdom of Jerusalem control the Holy land. Ireland must fight off invasions from both
    England and Scotland.


    -Retrofit mod by Unspoken Knight included.
    -Kingdom of Jerusalem, Antioch, Ireland, Teutonic Order and Lithuania added to the grand campaign.
    -Every new unit from Kingdoms campaign added.
    -New look interface for northern, southern and eastern European factions as well as middle eastern.
    -New music added including the Teutonic music for eastern European factions.
    -Heroes added to the campaign! Including new hero Frederick Barbarossa.


    -Improved battle AI thanks to Lusted.
    -Lusteds campaign AI (Modified by me).
    -Small garrison script to defend capital cities only!
    -Recruit priority offset done for every faction in the campaign!
    -New win conditions for each faction (outlive faction here determines the AI's main opponent)
    -Faction standing script completely redone, starting faction relations more historically accurate.
    -Character movement points increased (military stays the same for 0.5 years)
    -Money script for all AI factions for a harder AI opponent.
    -AI debt script.


    -Big map, including lots of new regions.
    -Better map textures for Big map thanks to repman.
    -Added Kings Models to the campaign map.
    -More units added to the buildings tech tree.
    -Longer building times for 0.5 years per turn.
    -Improved each level of gates slightly.
    -Every settlement on the campaign map starts with more advanced buildings and roads.
    -Every faction starts with more regions and has at least a level "city" capital.
    -More recruitment slots and free upkeep slots.


    -All new Kingdoms units added.
    -Burrecks high and early period unit skins.
    -Dismounted Feudal Knights now recruitable earlier from the Drill square.
    -Recruitable generals available at the barons stables or above.
    -Venetian Heavy Infantry (attack) increased from 7 up to 9.
    -Size of all cavalry units reverted back to 80 men (new balance changes stay the same).
    -Removed secondary fire from archers to avoid unrealistic fire spam (AI skirmish better with
    primary fire only).
    -Slight increase in morale for all units for longer lasting battles.
    -Cheap missile units now only buildable at bowyer!
    -Removed elephant artillery from invading Timurids.
    -Ballista not available above ballista range.


    -0.5 years per turn, 1180-1400 (very long campaign)
    -New historical faction leaders added to many factions in year 1180 AD.
    -Becomes King Script thanks to phutmaster for his idea!
    -Victory, Defeat and Death movies added for KOJ and Antioch in the campaign.
    -Events script redone to fit into 0.5 turns, Mongols invade at around turn 80, gunpowder
    discovered around turn 130.

    2.0 CREDITS

    Creative Assembly: Kingdoms expansion pack
    Unspoken Knight: Installer/Retrofit Mod
    Bdotward: faction symbols
    Lusted: campaign AI
    Lusted: battle AI
    Spurius: big Map
    Repman: big Map improvements
    Tokus Maximus: BBB stuff
    Candelarius: help with adding units
    Burreck: unit textures
    Harry Lime: help and support
    Dr Jambo: feedback and suggestions
    Blackader: help with balancing units
    Dearmad: new ancillaries


    This is an unofficial Mod for Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms. SEGA and the Creative Assembly
    do not endorse or support this Mod.

    All right, title, interest and ownership rights in this Mod belong to the Author of this Mod
    (as far as is legally possible).

    The Author of this Mod (and for the avoidance of doubt SEGA and The Creative Assembly) will
    not be held responsible for the risks connected with any loss (financial or otherwise), damage
    to property, lost data, console, computer or handheld device failure, errors and lost business
    or other information as a result of possession, use or malfunction of this Mod.


    Support for Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod is provided through the Total War Centre forums:

    For non-support related enquiries, the Author of the Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod can be
    contacted directly at:

    Download here
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