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Thread: Proposal for seiges

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    can anyone make a mod that would stop all buildings from being destroyed on first turn of siege? or at least granaries which destroys the reserves on first siege making building those buildings useless.

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    Second this. Attacked should have trebuchets for this to happen

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    I'm actually trying to figure that out, I think I have it, however it will not show up as an effect under building effects, so I'll have to see once people actually siege one of my cities with a grain storage.

    My idea being lvl 1-2 both sapping and battering rams are allowed lvl 3-4 only sapping is allowed and lvl 5 granary would ensure no siege equipment barring trebuchets can be used, thus leading to longer sieges or having trebs.

    p.s. regarding the buildings being destroyed too fast, I believe the variables for those are in the campaign variables table.
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