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Thread: Question about leveling up units

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    Default Question about leveling up units

    Hi all, loving the mod but running into an odd issue -- playing as France, when my regiments gain experience their accuracy/reloading ability does not seem to be increasing.

    I played as Denmark and this issue does not arise -- it's completely possible to see the stats of my infantry increase as they become veterans.

    Yet as France, when I check their stats it is static regardless of level.

    Is this a bug in displaying their increased skills or is it really not increasing?

    Also, as Denmark is it working as designed if I can only recruit militia in literally every region outside Denmark? It would be nice to be able to recruit the AOR German units as a faction other than France.

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    Default Re: Question about leveling up units

    I fixed that in a mod update for Bran LME submod.

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