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Thread: Current State of the Mod and Future

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    Hello guys, i'm going to be short and clear with this. I was making a reedition for the FOTS mod, but i kind of had to do a hard reset of the computer. The state of the mod was kind of pre alpha, lot of work done and yet i had not a propper back up (not really smart). So that project is abandoned now.
    About the Sengoku mod is quite well stablished and could get some small updates for bugs and so on. But again it's more than great as it's.
    Also I'm going again to uni really soon, this time to quite more harder career, so the chances are high on me not returning to modding. So i just wanted to inform so.
    Hope you enjoy my work done, specailly sengoku campaign which i consider a well done job.

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    This is sad to hear man. You where one of the best modders on Shogun 2 (together with Primergy and Uanime5 that also left modding for a while). It's sad to see that many great modders of Shogun 2 are leaving. But yeah, we all have are things to do in life.

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    I really enjoyed your mods, especially the Sengoku Jidai one, very complete, beautiful, close to reality, and make the game more strategic !
    I wish you the best for your future

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    And I just purchased all the TW licenses and started the FOTS campaign in the future. Well, very sad to hear about the big intermission in the work. Maybe after work and study you will find your inspiration again. I wish you success and good luck and thank you for the wonderful mod.

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    The last thing this mod needs I think, apart from the ocassional tweaks is a great units and Daimyos mod... maybe in partnership with someone. To make them look more historical accurate and less vanilla.

    It's a shame that there is not anyone more to help yo make this the ultimate Shogun 2 mod (It is anyway)....

    We will miss you man!!! you gave us the best Shogun 2 mod!!!
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