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Thread: For King or Country: The English Civil War

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    Default For King or Country: The English Civil War

    Mod Name: For King or Country (FKOC)

    Mod Platform: M2TW-Kingdoms
    Release Status: v2.0
    Mod foldered: Yes
    Mod creator\team leaders: AlphaDelta
    Mod team members:
    Mod Description: The purpose of this mod is to simulate the first English Civil War which raged from 1642-1651.
    "For King or Country" is a modification for Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms that depicts the English civil wars. There
    are two factions; the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. The map is detailed and accurate for the time period. There
    are twelve historical commanders fighting on each side, and all of them have custom portraits and traits. Both sides
    have a range of units from Musketeers to pikemen, dragoons to harqebusier cavalry. Each faction also has 6 unique
    recruitable regiments of foot. Each regiment has it's own banner, coat color and commander.

    Other info on mod: TWC Wiki page:
    Forum link(s):
    Download link(s):
    Permissions: The content found in this package is private property and the data may not be edited and re-released
    without express permission. Any public use and release of material found within the For King or Country
    modification requires that you request and recieve permission from its creator. If you wish to use any
    part of this package you MUST ask the author (AlphaDelta).
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