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Thread: Custom Events (incident intro)

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    Default Custom Events (incident intro)

    as Promised I thought Id try to make a decent introduction to custom events.
    this system is extremely janky and quite broken.
    For abs no reason at all sometimes things just simply do not work,
    its extremely frustrating and you've been warned.

    Tables you'll need to get started

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Setting up the Options

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I've ordered things in the a somewhat logical order of operations, unlike what you'll find in the db.
    Order doesnt seem to matter but its easiest to think about things in this way

    The basics
    2820 - how many rounds until the next (that shares a type in incident table) event can fire after this?
    2821- The weighted chance this event will fire compared to others. Not % , but a weight.
    2822- Follow up chance now believed to mean, if an event is required by this, the chance its follow up event will trigger?
    2823-2824 the rounds in which the event can occur
    2825- Unique, unclear of how exactly it works, but the thought here is if unique, can only happen once.

    2826- So the vanilla likes to make a habit of targeting yourself and putting to "default" key. This can be used in the payload.
    2827- You need to declare that you intend to target a faction 2
    2828- Set target faction 2 to be sun jian
    2830- Declare you are going to target a character 2
    2831- Set that target character to be Lu Meng
    2834- Ignore this line as we arent using a target char 3 here, but this is where you would go about targeting another char , setting it to SunQuan and making sure SunQuan is a faction leader, but i removed that

    2832- make sure target char 2 is not a faction leader
    2833- Make sure *you* do not own target char 2. This is tricky , and it only appears possible to check if the player owns them w this command
    2835- A safety precaution- make sure this event doesnt keep firing if its already fired once. Can be used to prevent duplicates or other storylines with other events.
    Lets say you have two different events that spawn a character, you dont want both to fire, so they need to check one another, Likewise for this- if you move Lu Meng to your faction, things dont work out and he leaves, you dont want him coming right back endlessly.


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Youre moving the target char 2 to target faction 2

    The other tables and text.loc to edit should be self explanatory enough to figure out.
    Hope this helps people get started

    Youtube Tutorial Series on 3k:
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    Default Re: Custom Events (incident intro)

    A note I found about unique:

    Description: Three Kingdoms system to fire character driven events when certain events happen. This occurs for each faction.
    ----- *The EVENTS themselves should be marked as unique so even over save games the listeners will just remove themselves.*
    ----- These listeners should be triggered in each faction start script.
    ----- This system is currently SP only.

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    Default Re: Custom Events (incident intro)

    Hopefully this might help too

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    Default Re: Custom Events (incident intro)

    updated the main post with a playlist Ive started on youtube,
    most have to do with event modding,
    I know its not the most organized thing, but Im trying to at least put some content out while i work for others that want to learn

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