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Thread: Insane behaviour by crossbowmen

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    Default Insane behaviour by crossbowmen

    This is driving me absolutely nuts.

    My crossbow guys, safely behind their allied melee infantry: "oh you want me to shoot that guy? sure!"
    "let me just get a liiiitle bit closer so I can..." --> no reason for this, the thing he's supposed to fire at is at only 1/5th of their max range
    " Leeeroy Jenkinnnsss!!" proceeds to charge into melee rather than actually fire.

    I tried setting a minimum range they need to keep to be able to fire(like trebuchets have), and they're still doing it!

    Please, if anyone knows what causes this dumb behaviour and where I might change it,
    do tell me since me needing to babysit my crossbow dudes so they don't suicide charge whenever I give them explicit orders is so exhausting.

    Having them just fire at will ain't an option either, because the targets they choose are pretty depressing.

    I've never seen one charge in when on fire at will though, and I know that they don't check that they're firing at their allies, so this can't be the reason either.

    They do this regardless of guard mode on or off.

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    Default Re: Insane behaviour by crossbowmen

    It is because of friendlies though. Believe it or not units can cause a break of los (los = line of sight). Crossbows cannot fire upwards like archers can. They can only arc slightly or shoot straight in to things. So allies cause a problem in close proximity. Try it sometime. Have some crossbows shoot at a unit with nothing between them and the crossbows at close proximity.

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    Default Re: Insane behaviour by crossbowmen

    my archers do this all the time even with abs no body and rarely any terrain in between.

    they will simply shuffle around and reposition for no reason, its at its worst in loose mode

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    Default Re: Insane behaviour by crossbowmen

    There is a tutorial about mixed units and of course PFM 5.2 with 3K support.

    You may also want to take a closer look at this.

    That's about it what tools, resources is available in the 3K workshop.
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