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    In an unfortunate series of events, the hero Charles Martel couldn't get his foot soldiers to the hill in Tours to hold off the Moors. The monks claim there was an otherworldly red line drawn across the battlefield that no man could cross, though the terrain beyond was clearly visible. Forced to relinquish his high ground, his armored sergeants were decimated by the desert cavalry which pelted him with mysteriously unending arrows from all sides until crying out, "So cheap!", they broke and ran. The echoes of this cowardly yell still sound across the battlefield.
    The great protector of Catholic Europe killed, France lay open to the brutal moors, who pushed the remaining French all the way to Paris, conquering all the land besides for some fierce rebel cities. Their forces unexhausted, the Moors were able to turn their full attention to the Portuguese and Spanish forcing them to their last remaining strongholds. The defense of Europe now lays solely in the hands of the Eastern powers: Hungary, the Holy Roman Empire, Russia and the Byzantine Empire. But to the East, scouts report seeing the Steppe warlords arrive much sooner than expected, bringing along unimaginably vast plunder from their Asian conquests in an unstoppable wave.
    The scribes report that copying the contents of the following link into descr_strat and dscr_events will allow a worthy man to engage the enemies of Christendom, though he must first perform the ritual of the deleting of the "unlocked" text file and map.rwm . All this you may easily come upon by searching the "imperial campaign" folder, wheresoever it is located, depending on your participation in the sacrilege of Steam. It is foretold that if he be worthy, the honorable man will choose vh/vh.
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    Unfortunately noble lord, a harsh critique must be given this day.

    Firstly, the method of installation is, as they say, 'dirty' - it is unwise to modify the base game under any circumstances, especially ones where serious mods will then be used. The chances of truly affecting other mods are slim, but the practice is still frowned upon. Fortunately, this mod is tested to work on other near-vanilla bases, such as retrofit 2.0, custom campaign 2, and bare geomod (presumably others along that track as well that I didn't test). Those who don't want to dirty their base files can play just fine in those mods.

    Secondly, the method of designing this mod is quite simplistic and involves only the most superficial of editing to the base medieval 2 map, providing only a few different settlement picks to an otherwise completely vanilla experience. The gameplay is essentially the same, with a few settlements moved around, and outside of the factions directly effected, absolutely nothing is changed. If someone is seeking a high effort revision of the gameplay, this is not the place. The changed settlements are ones originally owned by other factions given to Moors and a few armies originally owned by those factions were similarly pasted over to the Moors (with very sloppy results such as characters with no name and placeholder icons).

    Thirdly, the platform known as Steam has overtaken the elder disc; the only issue with the new is its lack of a kingdoms.exe, not an issue here and easily solved besides, and the requirement of an online connection, a small price in a modern time.

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    If thou dost not wish to partake this noble quest, thou mayest not. As to your critique, I am reminded of the prophet who spake thusly, "And jeshurun became fat and kicked". Thou surely beist a most fat kicker.
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    Thine vision is thine own, and if thou does not wish to improve upon the immortal self, then as another stated thusly, "you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink".

    I shall stick to the infinitely more fruitful, well created and more serious quests of Monty Python in the future.

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    You do you, boo.

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    I bet you didnt beat this.

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    Wut. You want me to screencap me wiping out the map using france or something, or send you a file to that effect?

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    Wut. You want me to screencap me wiping out the map using France or something, or send you a file to that effect?

    I don't bother with things that strike me as not particularly fun and fundamentally lazy, but if you really want it...

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    I knew you didnt beat it.

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    I dont want you playing my game. Not fun and fundamentally lazy? From the man who writes half baked reviews of games he never bothered playing. What a complete useless person. This changes the game file! Thanks genius.
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