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Thread: Release of Sheep Mod

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    Icon11 Release of Sheep Mod

    I got too sick of the inbalance in medieval 2 that I decided to stop playing vanilla once and for all and create my own mod.
    Whats the damn point playing this game when there is literally zero strategy involved due to the inbalance of units.
    Strategy is only possible when the game is balanced.

    This mod focuses on balancing medieval 2. There is no point creating another Warhammer or Third Age Reforge mod, if everything stays the same and its basically just a reskin.
    I tested a few mods recently and it only confirmed my opinion that all these mods for medieval 2 are useless since they don't focus on balance but creating a reskin of the current game, which is so dumb in my opinion, lol.

    What medieval 2 really need is new tactical possibilities. Why not add new formations, special abilities of units, new siege weapons, and cool stuff? oh its not possible? Then why making a full new mod if all u do is reskinning.
    Its dumb, sry but that's true.

    If u feel same feel free to try out my mod. If there is people who are able to add cool new stuff hit me up and we can talk about it.

    Current changes:
    -Mongol spearmen = 150 units, +2 attack/defence (stats from crusades)
    -Mongol Light lancer = +3 Defence
    -Rocket Launcher = + accuracy
    -Mongol horse Archer = +Long Range
    -Elephant Artillery = removed

    -camel gun = 13 attack
    -janissary = 13 attack, same range as Arquebusers
    -cossacks = 13 attack, same range as Arquebusers
    -Turkish & Russian heavy cav = less attack
    -armored sergeants = +2 attack, +3 defence (stats from crusades)
    -german Reiter = +range (they actually shoot now)
    -dismounted gothic knights, zweihaender, fornlorn hope = +effective against armor
    -obudshaer = +1 attack, +2 defence (stats from crusades)
    -norse archers = +long range
    -noble highland archers = +long range
    -highland nobles = +effective against armor
    -north eastern spearmen = stats increased (stats from crusades)
    -dismounted/mounted dvor = less missile and melee attack
    -mortars = doubled
    -Ribault & Monster Ribault = +range, doubled
    -catapults & trebuchets = +accuracy
    -ballista = +range, doubled
    -reiters = +range (didn't shoot well before)

    -Aztecs = increased in numbers

    bug fixes:
    -Musketeer work properly
    -"2HSwordmen bug" this was no bug, They just had terrible stats

    more changes are yet to come. For now I just wanna get people playing the mod, and then I'll take care of the rest.


    1.Move the files into ur Medieval 2 Data folder
    2.Add inside the preference.txt file the line
    file_first = 1

    Remove these 2 txt files.


    150 Spearmen will serve you well

    Better torch effect, not implemented yet, but plan to work on it..

    Massive Aztec Warriors

    The more people play this mod the more im motivated to put effort into it to further improve it.

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    Default Re: Release of Sheep Mod

    Sounds good, but why isn't this "just another balance mod"?

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    Default Re: Release of Sheep Mod

    To be fair - you are plain wrong in saying there is no strategy if something is unbalanced, and I think the game is fairly balanced. All factions need strategy.

    And things are vastly different in mods, they're not just reskins. New units, new stats, and a lot more. They create a whole new experience. Take Third Age for example. Trolls! Now that's not just a reskin, eh? I always like seeing people mod and make the game something they wish it was, but by going about it by bashing all other mods and saying yours is the only good one is the wrong way to go about it - it encourages hostility and just low-tier discussion, rather than constructive criticism and proper talk
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    Icon4 Looking for hardcore player (expert level)

    Looking for someone who actually takes strategy seriously and doesnt want to play vanilla bc it sucks.
    I made the ultimate mod, that balances the game, and makes all factions amazing.

    Who is seriously interested in growing his strategically skills add me on steam and download my mod.

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    Default Re: Looking for hardcore player (expert level)

    Just wanna say im plyaing my mod again and updating it so if anyone is interested just talk to me

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    Default Re: Release of Sheep Mod

    What other improvements will you make?

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    Default Re: Release of Sheep Mod

    I might lower the cavalry charge a little bit. Till now 1 lancer can kill like 8 men, because his charge doesnt stop iommidiately after the first contact. I dont know ifd u have ever paid attentioin to but it's pretty overkill.
    Ill mainly focus on the balance for now. Id like to keep it vanilla style.
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    Default Re: Release of Sheep Mod

    wahtever, my mod is the only good one. I dont take this back

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    Default Re: Release of Sheep Mod

    Yes, and that makes your nature quite obvious. If you like to lose brain cells, by all means, play this mod.

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