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Thread: Need competent help with mysterious error

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    Icon7 Need competent help with mysterious error

    Hello friends, I registered here because I am desperate. Nothing works and nothing makes sense as I will explain next.
    First of all PLEASE DONT KILL ME FOR STARTING A THREAD. I apologize for being incompetent to handle the search function in an appropriate way.

    Here is my problem:

    In shogun 2 there is a data named data.packIve downloaded packfilemanager to open and edit that type of data. in the TWCenter forums they say edit that data. I did. But it doesnt change anything in the game. Even weirder: the vanilla data.pack has different values than I have ingame. For example Ikko Ikki Bow Ashigaru should have 200 men according to data.pack but when I start a campaign they only have 150. I am using packfilemanager 5.2.0. I cannot save my changes. I can only chose save as but not save (its grey). But what ever value I change when I close and reopen data.pack the changes are still there. Hows that possible without saving.

    Now I try packfilemanager 4.1.2 because I have read that modders use different versions of packfilemanager because sometimes older ones work better.
    I edit data.pack and set ikko Ikki Bow Ashigaru to 300 men. I save and this time I see somekind of process in the bar very down of the packfilemanager window. Additionally I can now use the save function.
    But ingame instead of 300 or 150 as it was in the vanilla state I now have 225 men ...

    When I edit any other .pack data, for example one of the steam workshop, the changes never make it into the game.

    When I create a new .pack by using Tweak and Bob i end up with a mod.pack data but it has none of the things inside which I edited. I assume that Tweak does not export what ever I create but I dont know why.

    Whats my line ?

    Thank you all for reading and hopefully posting a helpull comment,


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    Sorry for the super bad editing. I ed it up and cant change it. Please just mark the text with your mouse and then its readable. Mea Culpa

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    Default Re: Need competent help with mysterious error

    Case solved. Please delete thread

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