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    Default VikingHorde for Opifex

    Author: Van Zandt
    Support: Settra, z3n, Basileos Leandros I

    In the beginning, there was Medieval Total War, then one of the more substantial modifications in the history of the TW series was released, Medieval Total War XL by VikingHorde. This easy to install modification of the Viking Invasion expansion for MTW added additional factions and content that greatly increased play-ability and realism. This modification opened the door for modding opportunities for the TW franchise and set a standard for excellence that is well-regarded even now 15 years later.

    Medieval: Total War XL

    This is the final version of the XL mod for MTW. I made the mod the way I belive MTW should had been, harder and with more factions.

    Features of version 3.0:
    - New versions of Early, High and Late.
    - New map with 9 new provinces.
    - 17 new factions. Included are: Armenians, Bohemians, Bulgarians, Crusader States, Cumans, Genoese, Hospitaller Order, Irish, Lithuanians, Norwegians, Portuguese, Scots, Serbians, Swedes, Teutonic Knights, Venetians, and Volga Bulgars.
    - The unplayable factions can now be played (Burgundians, Golden Horde, Novgorod and the Papalcy)
    - Lots of new units.
    - Lots of new heroes.
    - Landbriges removed.
    - New Hospital, Bank and Royal bank building added.
    - 3 pagan religious buildings added.
    - Pagan shaman, emissaries, spies and assassins.
    - New unit stats (Units have more correct stats and higher morale. Battles are now much harder and fun!).
    - Improved AI (Build better units, better empire building)
    - New trade structure (The AI can't handle the trade network in the original game, giving the player a big advantage. Trade income has therefore been reduced and farm income increased by 30%).
    - GA mode playable with all factions.
    - New GA and Prebattle shields for all factions.
    - New music (large version only).
    - Old game still playable, but only with the 9 new provinces.
    - Auto-install (very easy install).
    - English and Spanish language.
    - And more!

    MTW - Viking Invasion is needed to play this mod.

    Medieval - Total War XL 3.0 full version:

    If you have installed another language version of MTW than English and Spanish, then you will need to make some small changes to the game. Copy all the files from loc\eng into the folder loc"your language" (Backup the old files just in case).

    If you have questions, problems or feedback, then please post it here. This thread deals with anything related to this MOD.

    While VikingHorde himself has long been absent from the modding scene, his work stands as a milestone and forerunner of the modding work for all later titles in the series.

    I urge you to extend the honor of Opifex to this valued contributor to the TW gaming series.
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