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Thread: Add'l Faction Campaigns (Sub-mod)

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    No, I’m up to date on the current version with the new portraits and the patch to fix recruitment for Dandong. My profile is new but I’ve been playing this mod on and off for the last 3 years. I recall I found this mod thanks to YouTuber from Portugal whom later made a hotseat campaign series on it

    I’ve enjoyed every version especially this last one which has incorporated much more barbarian factions which add a whole new dynamic especially Goguryeo have a tendency to cause problems with my Youzhou campaigns which is completely acceptable and a welcomed struggle. Anyways, If yours is working then most likely there was an issue for me personally during installation and I’ll just have to reinstall the entire mod after I conclude my domination campaign as Chen which is by far my favorite faction from the central plains. I’ve had two great campaigns as Chen and I’m contemplating considering this faction to be more interesting than Youzhou from all the non Big 4 factions

    I’ll probably consider restarting it since I was hoping to ally myself with all the barbarian factions against the Yuan Clan after I broke into Yong-Liangzhou but the Xianbei and Goguryeo were already destroyed by Yuan and I’m not fond of having to traverse my armies through the dreaded steppes meanwhile being outranged by the AI’s extra movement points in said terrain. I’ll probably get Cao Cao to attack Yuán much earlier to prevent that while I take on Yuan Shu and Lu Bu and Liu Bei cancel each other out

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    Hi guys,

    I'm also experiencing crashing and not sure if its due to updating to 4.2 instead of staying at base 4.0.

    I put a hella amount of time into playing as Lu Bu, completing mission 1 and crashing. Then playing as the Emperor, able to take Luo Yang, have Xu Huang, crashes after destroying Nanyang (Mission 2 I think).

    Any suggestions to not get crashes? I don't mind restarting campaigns, and going to try a fresh install of 4.0 but do not want to do an entire playthrough only to be met with crashes.

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    Hm, everything on my end is working with such things. I had played through much of a Lu Bu campaign earlier without crashing. The mod should work for 4.2.

    I posted an updated file with the files I am currently using. I may have posted the descr_names.text in the wrong location earlier in 1.4. This file is usually the culprit for most crashes. It should be in mods\rotk\data
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