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Thread: Cant add WuXing to Reform?

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    Default Cant add WuXing to Reform?

    wondering if anyone has any idea why adding lets say +5 instinct to all characters from a reform isnt working?

    I added:
    3k_main_tech_fire_tier0_regional_commissioners 3k_main_effect_character_attribute_instinct_mod faction_to_character_own_unseen 50
    also tried
    3k_main_tech_fire_tier2_shock_warfare 3k_main_effect_character_attribute_instinct_mod faction_to_character_own 50

    Neither seem to work,
    which is odd becuz this is exactly how the satisfaction is done in vanilla :
    3k_main_tech_fire_tier3_strategic_fortresses 3k_main_effect_characters_satisfaction_vanguard_technologies faction_to_character_own_unseen 12

    I dont see any other effect scopes that would apply here,
    I feel like im missing some kind of junction perhaps, but its very easy to add WuXing under
    like here;
    3k_main_skill_special_ability_metal_adamant_resolve 3k_main_effect_character_attribute_authority_mod 1 character_to_character_own 4

    Then the only other place this is used is in
    authority mod 3k_main_effect_character_attribute_authority_mod

    doesnt make sense that it cant be added via a reform,
    and it does show IG on the tree, it just doesnt actually affect any character stats IG.

    Maybe I have to make it a bundle?

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    Default Re: Cant add WuXing to Reform?

    Heres a link to the template im using for the mod!ZPRCAIIa!YfUEGrQ9v...scaBUXLg3TcsMc

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    TW Arena Campaign Generals (R2)
    Achilles (2018) mod

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    Default Re: Cant add WuXing to Reform?

    There is something about reforms that make them wonky. I am trying to figure it out myself.

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