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Thread: Apple's iPhones are not safe

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    Default Apple's iPhones are not safe

    I had just read the security bulletin Panda Security share with it users and this time it is about Apple's iPhone.
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    Default Re: Apple's iPhones are not safe

    No connected device is safe in general. For the average user or corporate use, I'd actually venture to say that iPhones are much more secure from a privacy standpoint, than you average Android. It's a much more closed system with a greater control over the functions of the phone. I.e. you can install apps on Android off the built-in browser, whereas almost all Apple apps go through a specific app store process.

    Otherwise, give a hacker enough time, and he will gain access into virtually anything.

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    Default Re: Apple's iPhones are not safe

    Yeah Android, iOS etc can end up having vulnerabilities just like windows and it all depends how quickly it's discovered and patched up. What's alarming here is the time span, no vulnerability should take a couple of years to get detected and patched.
    Previously iCloud was also hacked which resulted in leakage of several nude photos of known celebrities. "The Fappening" it was called. lol.

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    Linux, a system where you have a tiny fraction of the likelyhood as windows to get literally any kind of malicious threat even actually functioning on your system when you get it, had an unpatched issue in the kernal for years before it became known about.

    Everything that has greater sophistication than the original designs of DOS has impossibly wide combinations of code and potential for unexpected behavior (and considering it too had its own issues, there goes that, nothing is safe), so even finding an exploit, even something simple seeming, years down the line is nothing for me to go 'well, time to pack my bags'. It's if a company reliably has those problems again and again or continuously fails to patch fundamental problems, and that doesn't seem to apply here. Virtually all compromises, especially at user level, occur from human error in prodding something they shouldn't anyways.

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    Default Re: Apple's iPhones are not safe

    iOS in general is more secure because it's a more closed environment - and also because it doesn't really allow .exe's / files to execute inside the ecosystem unless they conform to a specific set of rules. As a rule of thumb, no device is safe, so stay away from shady websites and keep your phone locked. (and protected with a case)
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